S286. He lets me see everything better


My soul love was my ex 25 years ago, with whom I lived together for 3 years. This relationship did not go well. He has cheated on him and has married this woman so far. Despite this, he has been looking for me all the time because he still loves me. He found me through our family tree, did not know my current name. He contacted me through hyves and accepted him on hyves by relying on my intuition. I first stayed in the background and let him write, this clicked again immediately. When he sent me a picture of him, my body shivered, this was the moment I knew there was more.

Our contact via hyves became more and more intense and could not stop. Had a lot to tell. And especially it grew enormously. I helped him deal with his childhood trauma, he helped me realize my marriage that was not so good at the time (war trauma, with psychological consequences).

We are still friends, he loves me even more and when we meet, things get more intense in terms of feelings for each other.

My partner could not understand it, fiercely resisted it, thought it was in love and had nothing to do with twinflames. Threatened with divorce, agreed. He regretted this, he is currently accepting the situation because he does not want to lose me.

Both in the relationship of my twinflame and in my relationship they did not believe in twinflames. May have limited contact with each other and write less.
Unfortunately for them that is not possible for us and have daily contact via sms / hotmail and meet every 2 months without a husband (he lives 250km from me, otherwise we would see each other more)

He first had a wish for a love affair but cannot leave his wife, now he doubts again and wants to continue with me again.
I doubt too. Are not out yet.

Our relationship consists of that we meet regularly, only stay with kisses. Want more but out of respect and afraid of regret afterwards it stays here. Up to now.

What has brought me a lot is that it helps me a lot, he lets me see everything better (a bit of a Freud type). He was very negative in the beginning when we were in contact, not anymore. I let people tell his story (I am an HSP person, I do not know if this is due, according to a medium I also have a gift but here I am not sure how and what)

What I find most special is that I feel his feelings too. Especially now, now that he is so happy because we recently met again. Well, the sparks jump off us, the ultimate happiness.

What we experienced was just giving kisses and holding each other. I have never felt this feeling with my twinflame in anyone, even when we were a couple 25 years ago.

For me, the feeling of love for the soul is: overwhelming, ultimate happiness, fantastic, I am only working on this now, want to know everything about it.

It is a pity that not so much is known about soul love, there is a wall of incomprehension about this.

My tip: Enjoy it, but let go of your twinflame, don’t claim too much. If he is in that phase of growth, allow him time. But also talk a lot.