S247. “You and me are the same”

… I have also found my love for the soul, first without realizing it, but that did not last long, I suddenly felt at home with him, everything was so intense, I have never had this feeling in my life before, well been in love, but these feelings are so strong, so intense, it has been you six months since I saw him, but day and night I think of him, unreal, I met him when I was on holiday in Greece, hopefully I will meet him again this year .. I can see it, let it come over me, since this meeting I have changed enormously, I don’t mind being alone anymore, which was the case before, I just feel bad connected with him, I now read a lot about the soul, what I never did before, everything in me has changed …. yes only through this encounter. I think he knew it right away when he saw me because he said … you and me are the same. Wonderfully ordinary. I had to get rid of this.