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Today it struck me again
You are so sweet, you are so sweet to me
Your eyes that fused with mine for a few seconds
Preferably I wrote you a letter now

If only I could tell you how much I feel for you If only I
could be closer to you
Because even though you are standing next to me and you understand exactly what I mean
That eternal distance sometimes hurts so much

In your eyes I read questions and desire
Pain and acceptance
They have no secrets for me
I see that you have reconciled yourself to the situation

It is as it is
I am not yours in this life
Sometimes I wish that everything stood still and I could be in your arms for a
moment To feel what that is like, to come home to each other for a moment
Both of us do not dare reach out to each other
Because that feels so weird

Touching someone you should stay away from Wrapping
your arm around the person who is almost like a family
Let us drift away for a moment
But then there is that painful lack again

That’s how it is and how it will always be until we get together
Know that I am always with you
See me in the sun, in the wind, yes, in all trees
I am the sky, the stars, the rainbow
Just like you are for me
My universe is all about one thing and that’s you