Q0719. Feel or know?


What surprises me is that people write that they “know” that it is your twinflame. For me I can only feel that. I just feel that it is her .. there is a much deeper love going on, a love that you can describe as the love for your child .. pure and unconditional. With me initially (and now) without sexual tensions. the desire to only be close to the other person … looking forward to seeing him / her. In the beginning I could not tolerate my own partner around me, constantly feeling, feeling and feeling … you really feel it. I have never experienced that in my entire life. It is nice that you have found your twinflame and that you can give your love but it hurts like hell. Being able to deal with it … with that lack and desire, the feeling that constant, Getting pulled 24 hours a day is the hardest part. Assume from me that when the time comes that you feel it … later you KNOW that it is your twinflame.

Answer 1
For me this love goes even deeper than for my child, it is more, bigger and deeper, really incomparable! Because I have felt this, I know that it is mainly twinflame, never heard of it and then I know for sure. So beautiful and no desire? I can’t ignore that anymore. With me there is certainly desire and I know! (feel) that this is also the case with my twinflame, but what do you do with it, right?! I am so afraid of this that I will stay in my relationship because I don’t want anything with it, so I hurt so many people. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Yes I think that’s right, first you feel it and only later you know it. That’s how it went with me. It took 3 1/2 months for the great Knowing to come, just Feeling for that. I saw on the internet that he was married and I was so ashamed of my feelings dude! I was constantly apologizing to him for my “naughty” behavior. I knew a lot that it was about my twinflame. And then there was also the age difference, I am 15 years older, well then I would have to set a good example, I thought that and I felt shame. As a kind of older sister who doesn’t know how to do it for the younger brother. Only when I saw BZE in a flash and saw the word Twin Soul, I knew it flawlessly and all the shame was gone. And the sense of age difference too. (Who knows)

Answer 3
Of course I first felt it, because feeling IS knowing. It was intense to realize that he is the one who belongs to me and that I have very deep feelings for him. That the reverse is also true. So feel. I know too. Twins know something like this without words. You see it in the eyes and in the posture. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, feel and how. We both felt the intensity and I saw that she knew something was wrong. Then she was happy and relieved. Not seen in 29 years. My eyes were stuck on her and suddenly we looked into each other’s eyes. I felt that she had been waiting for this and I felt that she did not dare to come out for this. Does not matter. She thinks more about me now, just as I think about her a lot and the rest is arranged from above. I want to see her again soon and possibly speak, I will really like that. (Unknown)