S274. It has brought me a completely different view of the world


I had known him for a year and a half, had a relationship that lasted five years. I got out of that relationship and he comforted me and I got a map of heaven through his touch. that’s about 3 months ago.

He does everything to get me out of his mind. I experience that as cobwebs in my head. I think I am a little further than him, I think he is very scared and even too scared to say he is scared? is this recognizable for someone?

How did I experience it? Everything suddenly became so clear.
There were also physical magical experiences.

My then partner had already seen it, I had no idea.

An obstacle was that we worked together for the same client. Because of my relationship with him, I also became closer in the life of the employer, and because of my keen eye, I saw how his relationship was structured. Had too much compassion for the woman to let that go on. relationship between twinflame and employer is 17 years of friendship. Now I seem to be at the mercy of the fact that the truth about that relationship is revealed there because I did not come across as good, but I am not crazy.

I keep looking for ways to reach him.

It has brought me a completely different view of the world.
Care for someone to feel and not to come close to it. Fantastic but also painful. When I drive to his house, all the lights become more beautiful and everything becomes clearer.

The most special thing for me is that I was able to be completely myself, talk like I have never talked.
And never felt so close to anyone physically. hope for the rest of my life

Eroticism was very different. It was a party

For me, the soul-loving feeling is: All-embracing