P0061. The twinflame test


I have written your name 10,000 times.
In the air, in the sand, in passionate red.
Forever I will now live with regret,
That I have not enjoyed the precious time
that life offered us then.

I’ve never seen you again.
And then managed to keep you out of my heart.
But God’s ways are so inscrutable and amazing,
He has made you return in my mind.

Just on top of my earthly happiness.
He will again pass you unobtrusively.
Will I be upset again?
Will I walk the life path from the side again?

I will pass this test, no matter
how heavy it will be.
Because I will just go for it,
God can no longer crush me.

But I will write your name another 10,000 times.
Though I would fight it,
This inexorable, Divine love will always remain.