Q0748. Unconditional love versus conditional love?


A few months ago I realized with a shock that I now understand what unconditional love is. Namely what I feel for my twinflame. He could really do anything he wants, and I would still love him. It is actually the same kind of unconditional love that you feel for your child. With the difference that there will certainly be more feelings here (attraction and chemistry). Now the question arose whether it is karma that I am working out with my current partner. He certainly cannot do everything he wants without losing my love. My love for him is bound by conditions, I notice. And while it doesn’t feel fair to him, it IS simply the way it is. How does that work for you?

Answer 1
Yes, that’s fair, because in my opinion it is bound to karma. It must be conditional, because karma is always tied to conditions. So it is very well possible that this love is conditional. soul assignment fixed and that is made with certain agreements exclusively for you. Until it is over. (Who knows)

Answer 2
I believe in unconditional love but also in drawing boundaries. When I was still in a relationship with my twin, I did not draw my line enough and went into his negative self-image spiral and lost myself. After we broke up we (still) maintained contact. Slowly but surely I strengthened and began to see him who he really was. If there is a moment when he wants to manipulate me, I draw my line and now deal with it differently without creating a conflict. When his disrespectful side emerges again, I draw my line in a loving way. Our communication is therefore improved and more relaxed. The most important thing is that I stay myself and keep my balance. The bond between him and me will always remain unconditionally strong, but it should not be that I am dependent on him.

Answer 3
Unconditional love yes what does that mean? is accepting everything from the other person or loving it because you see that the other person is living / growing just like everyone else and everyone is a child with something divine in them..yes I can also love everyone that I sometimes make fun of becomes or I see them look ;; if they are crazy .. they would rather you argue because then they understand why you no longer so often or no longer deal with someone, then suddenly it is allowed. I love my twin unconditionally but that doesn’t mean that I like everything he does, but I don’t want to miss him and I do with other people. It is likely that it is unconditional because you are on the same wavelength .. you understand each other (sometimes not ..

Answer 4
Do you still see him? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Fortunately almost every day, a dream relationship. We talk without hearing each other, unfortunately behind a mask still but the feeling in me says enough. No we don’t want to lose each other anymore, he means everything to me. (Unknown)

Answer 6
To come back to my own subject; this unconditional love is real as I said; without any condition. If we had a relationship, I would give him ALL the freedom he wanted. So he could also have other girlfriends and do whatever he wanted. For example, that is a two-year world trip. I could do that with him without any trouble. Knowing and feeling that nothing can come between us. And in all my previous and in my current relationship, I could not and cannot do this. That is a huge difference. (Unknown)