S119. I have developed enormously through this love of my soul


I met him on the Internet. That didn’t give a click, but soon we agreed. That was an experience as if lightning struck. My life is never the same as before. My soul love experienced the same. It is as if it had to be that we would meet each other.

I am married, my partner has tried to explain what happened. This is in the context of maintaining our marriage. No understanding encountered. My partner could not and cannot handle it. I understand that. The other way around I could not have done it either.

I experienced soul love as a soulmate, I came across myself. A twin brother from a previous life, although I don’t believe in that at all. Part of myself.

Our relationship consisted of doing things together, but in moderation, day in day out of contact, by mail, by text. But always that connection, right through all the difficulties.

An obstacle in our relationship is that we are both married. How should you deal with this kind of love? Love is it! But in what form do you cast it?

We had a love affair the first half year. Daily contact, by e-mail, text message, or seeing each other (few times a year). Not satisfactory to me, but to him. I don’t think it fits my daily life. He thinks so, but he has made the decision. Wilde continued with his wife and family. That may be very wise, but everything is so confusing.

I have developed enormously through this love of my soul. I’m not the old anymore. With his love he brought up a completely different “me”. One who was allowed to be there, who could know himself in his love. I find the unity in soul and mind the most special. It is impossible to describe what that means if you have not met it yourself.

Erotic is more intense. Sex doesn’t even play a role. Intimacy all the more , in which the physical plays a role.

The soul love feeling is a relief for me, a knot. Happiness, sadness. Happiness, pain.

I don’t know if it has brought me more happiness than sadness. It is to be confused