S270. I only had to look at him and he knew what I meant


I love my Shiv, got to know him on msn, clicked so well between us he felt the same what I felt didn’t have to say much or he knew what I wanted to say.

Had known him only for 4 months, he works abroad. He asked if I wanted to come it felt so good. After thinking about it, I went to see him. When I saw him it was almost as if I had known him for a long time. I myself live in the Netherlands and in Suriname. Was the first time I saw him. It felt good.

We miss each other a lot. And we love each other. I shared my love and sorrow with him, he understood me so well. It is as if I also knew him in the previous life. The evening when we were alone felt so good, was not at all afraid because this was the first time I saw him. I miss him a lot

I don’t have a partner.

His best friend was jealous of him. That he had met me. And now his best friend has told the employer everything. May no longer call him or speak on MSN. Feel deeply unhappy. If I spoke to him I could handle the whole world. He also suffers

Yes we want to be together he loves me and me very much. I have never been lucky in my life. Now that I have met him, I miss him a lot. Wish we could be together. Cry every night because I miss him. He does not know otherwise he will be very angry

He loves me, I love him, I feel layman with him

I’m glad I got to know him. He understands me and I understand him too. Want to spend my life with him, he wants that too. I hope it happened. We miss each other very much
My life is nothing without him. I fall asleep with tears. My heart cries during the day. Miss him very much.

If there was anything I just had to look at him, he knew what I meant.

Eroticism was so nice with him. That which I experienced with him. Was the best thing of my life. Everything he did was with so much love.

The soul love feeling for me is: loving, understanding, sweet and kind

I’m not looking for a new soul love: Then I don’t want anyone in my life to go on by myself.

I’ve had such a good time with him and miss him every day, Love him so much

ask15_Tips: If you have found your soulmate don’t let him go, you will be very unhappy he will understand you and will always stay with you.