Q1037. Reactions from people?


I wonder if there are more people who also see and feel that people react to them differently after they have been spiritually awakened by their twin encounter? do people react to me differently now because I now radiate different energy now that I am more capable of “his” traffic? Do they perhaps no longer see their own obstacles to being mirrored in me because I have released them for myself and is it something of unknown and unrest that I see in them? I like to read your experiences.

Answer 1
I have had several friends of mine in a virtual dream. And when I am in the group of friends I notice that the bond is being strengthened. Some people also come forward more because I recognize them and others do not. There is a kind of floor taking place before I couldn’t handle them that well and since I met them in dreams I look at them differently.

Answer 2
Hi Questioner, I probably haven’t quite woken up spiritually yet (last night I changed my mind about how often I am in my ego). But I certainly have my moments! And then I sometimes see people looking surprised. As if they think; something has changed, what does she have? Then I feel that people like to be with me, want attention / have a chat. At those moments I sometimes get compliments about my clothes or something and then I feel that my appearance is actually more than the clothes.

Answer 3
Yes, I now sometimes see through people too, from a point of peace in myself. I, indeed, have trouble; is that in need of attention or confirmation or something? And that people think things are important, but I don’t care anymore, like material things. This feels crazy. It is nice to be able to look through things and I often enjoy contacts with people more. On the other hand, I feel a removal because I don’t ‘participate’ in everything.

Answer 4
I suddenly had shans everywhere, but of course I didn’t feel like it. People who had never looked at me suddenly became interested …

Answer 5
I also have that I cycle on the street and people I don’t know come to meet me very spontaneously, say hi to me (unlike normal greetings) and that early in the morning. That I think later I knew the person from something … no. And when I was younger, people didn’t start talking to me so easily, now they do. I may have gotten a more open attitude now and my appearance has softened, but I don’t know anymore if that was after I met twinflames. And about materialism, you can have the biggest house, the biggest car or cars, can often go on holiday, can buy everything you want, but happiness must come from you. I may live in the eyes of others, but in a simple way, all that big things scare me a bit. So I do not participate in the large masses and what others think of it doesn’t interest me much.

Answer 6
Nice answer 5 and also the other one by the way. It is so true, happiness must come from yourself. And it is only in very small things. That also applies to me, I seem to lead a simple life, but I am very happy with it. I do go on vacation, but then we camp and I don’t need all kinds of luxury. I have everything I could wish for and the people around me that I love. What do I want more? even my twinflame is in my life as a good close friend. I enjoy every second with or without him. And you seem to radiate that, because I often experience that people just greet me, talk to me or smile at me. Delicious!