Q0085. What does this mean?


I was napping a bit at work (was in the afternoon haha). Suddenly I walked (while I was just sitting in my chair!) To a male colleague. (let me call him jos here). I walked to Jos’s place where he was already waiting. (he wasn’t at work at the time, by the way!). He said there you are finally! A gigantic white light shone from his heart towards me and I walked towards him towards the white light. He hugged me in his arms and said, come on, girl. I suddenly woke up, of course, because I didn’t understand anything! a moment later (half in trance) I went down the hall to smoke, and then I got in my mind ?? that he walked next to me and said come and he grabbed my hand. He said you are no longer alone, could it be that he thought of me or that he had to experience the same? What does this mean?

Answer You have
probably received a vision or message. You will find the meaning of it deep in your heart when you listen to your feelings. You probably did this when you “dreamed” this. To find out if your colleague has experienced something similar you will have to be open and share this experience with him. For that you will have to overcome a bit of fear in yourself. (Unknown)