S267. Through soul love I have come to know certain aspects of myself better


I have known my soul love for over 30 years, only then we did not know what soul love was. We worked together for the same company. From the moment we saw each other, there was something special. We have never had a love affair, but there was always some kind of tension when we were close to each other …

After more than 25 years we have found each other again through the school desk. He now lives 2000 KM further, is divorced after a marriage of 20 years and now has a new love in the country where he now lives. From the first moment we had contact again it was very familiar. I have a nice warm loving relationship of almost 30 years. That is why, perhaps, I often cannot place it.

We have had a warm, friendly relationship. 2 years ago we saw each other again for the first time in 25 years. It was just like coming home. The years disappeared. The farewell was horrible, physically we never had a relationship.

My partner knows that I have warm feelings for my soul love, but I am not afraid of this.

There are a lot of obstacles. My soul love has fear. Fear of acknowledging what is. He himself also has the feeling that he has known me all his life, but he is very scared. We have contact with each other via e-mail, but if it is quiet for a while, due to misunderstanding, then we miss each other a lot.

I don’t know if I have a relationship of love, that evening, 2 years ago, maybe, but we both have a lot of respect for our partners.

At the moment it is quiet again. He has recently had a daughter, who is now almost 5 months old, and I thought that little miracle needs his full attention, but it is difficult for me. Don’t know what to do.

The soul love gave me energy, got to know me better about certain aspects of myself.

The most special thing for me is the realization that love is unconditional.

My soul love-love feeling is very beautiful and precious, but it also costs a lot of energy, sorrow, powerlessness, doubt and whether it is indeed soul love (twinflame love).

I don’t know if we still have a relationship. He is someone who thinks a lot with his head. I think with my heart. He realizes that it is not normal, but he is afraid. I was his unattainable love 30 years ago and that became clear to him again two years ago at that meeting. For me my twinflame.

I am not looking for a soul love again, because what we had was so very beautiful.

Sometimes I doubt whether I will make it more beautiful than it is. Is it indeed my twinflame, or is it perhaps the attention he gave me. I talk to him about other topics than that I discuss with my partner. When it is quiet again, we miss each other so much.

My tip: Type here … Have a lot of patience.