S265. I have found my soulmate again!


About 39 years ago I met the love of my life. Only then did I not know it was him. We both worked on a cruise ship and I met him on my last trip on board. Later he also came on leave and we spent some time together. Unfortunately he had to go to the sea again. I couldn’t handle this at the time and ended our relationship. Later I chose another man, but he was never out of my mind.
3 years ago I searched and found it on the internet. I got it after 3 months. I thought about whether I would send an email, but my feeling was stronger. I had to do it.
He responded immediately. We emailed half a year and then made an appointment. At our first meeting the flame hit the pan. It felt so incredibly familiar as if he had never left. We saw each other in all kinds of places and it was always very intense. I am now divorced 2 years ago, but he is not. That’s why I tried to end our relationship, but the feeling is stronger. We cannot let go of each other. We are soulmates. We think texting / emailing each other at the same time. We complement each other. We experience our love intensely and will never pass. Especially since we are in the fall of our lives, we experience this as very special. Unfortunately he cannot live with me (too complicated) but I am very happy, that I have found the love of my life again and that we can still experience such a special love. We enjoy it to the full and are madly in love with each other. I have found my soulmate again!
In terms of eroticism there is no comparison. What we experience together I have never experienced with another man.
The soul love feeling is intense for me.
You will find a soul love only once in your life, I think.

My tip: Enjoy the love that comes your way. Life is short not to do it.