S254. It is all-embracing, infinitely loving


Because of my work at a health insurance company I came in contact with my twin, it was love at first sight, he can never get out of my life for a second.
A love as strong as a house, I have for years denied that I could feel so much for someone, when I met him I blushed from ear to ear. if my feelings were so intense
then I went outside for a moment because it was not possible, I had a nice free relationship for years, I thought, and yet something gnawed.
Because he regularly came to our office for questions about insurance, I spoke to him every now and then. I tried to stay calm, but I think he was sometimes more insecure than me.
It was about three years since he looked at me when I said goodbye, or did it look in, I felt his love for me down to my soul, I was shining all day long, people were all looking at me afterwards and a friend had me I poured some wine to calm down so that I became calm. I couldn’t work anymore, couldn’t eat anymore and I shouldn’t have had to drink that wine.
For me, soul love is like swimming in a sea, letting yourself float, being lifted up, surrender, it is all-embracing, infinitely loving
Between twin and me there will be a bit more clarity, because I have ended my relationship with my friend and will continue to follow my path that is no longer one of denying but of accepting that it is there. I threw my doubts overboard, because I was literally bothered by everything, did not progress any further, fortunately worked for the good employer.
I noticed and knew that he was my twinflame because of enormous confusion in my heart and a co-worker who spoke to me about her twin .. I DIDN’T KNOW..No doubt anymore .. THAT WAS IT, and that’s it.
I also hit hard on the facts a few times, I was not allowed to deny it anymore, got damage to the car by another employee, who always forgot that I had a vote at meetings, a sign! that told me enough again. I needed to become clearer, follow my heart and love, all those signs they engulfed me just like my twin.
In the beginning we were very close together and that moment was so warm, so deeply connected that you don’t forget and hope that I will end up there again, so overwhelmingly sweet and so one, we said nothing, then not, not now, we understand each other, there is no anger, no disagreement between us. only love and love makes miracles.
my tip; no more doubt but stay true to THE love for yourself and your twin!