Q0704. Mirror image


My twinflame and I are mirrored in everything. all forms of teeth, hair, hands … We look just like the same person, only translated into male or female. Same skin color / shade, same hair type and color. The pupils are also the same. If my eyes were on her face, there would be no difference. The look in particular is also the same. The general shape of the face is also the same, with small differences (but the largest lines are the same). Are there people who have this too?

Answer 1
Yes with us too, mouth, teeth, skin color, way of looking at the world, hands, he has the most beautiful eyes you can imagine, movements, posture everything is recognizable, see when he has a hard time, but also his because that’s how I look at such moments. Beautiful and you know sometimes I think the same in everything but I am a little better haha. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I recently had an American woman do a photo reading via email and she pointed out to me that my twin and I have the same facial features, so they are not identical but we do look alike in our way of looking, facial expression, and so on. When I went to look at all the photos I have of him, I saw it too. Our body postures are also often identical in the photos we stand on together, as if we mirror each other. This mirroring also happens when we are together. I grab my glass, he does that a second later, I brush my hair, so do he. It is as if two people think like 1. Very special and beautiful. What I also noticed is that we often have the same color or that I have a pattern on my dress that he has on his shirt. The woman also pointed that out to me, and it was true. I was really surprised. (Unknown)

Answer 3
No, but we are like the one we were in our previous joint life! We are the mirror image of that! That is why we immediately recognized each other, so moving. I know that on the basis of paintings for which we posed. Strange, as if souls have made a genetic search before reincarnating, with that and that father and mother, so that they get the appearance with which they can recognize each other. It really is a miracle. (Who knows)

Answer 4
Yes, if I look carefully she has about the same look in her eyes as I do. Only I am dark blonde and have blue-gray eyes and she has brown eyes, the most beautiful and sweetest eyes I have ever seen, and she has black hair. Only I find it strange that her skin is very white, just as white as my skin. Other people say that she looks a lot like me in her face and I don’t understand that because she is a rare beauty to see and I can’t say that myself, although I know from my wife that I sometimes get a lot of real beauties, but that doesn’t bother me much. She makes the same movements as me and her walking is the same as my walking. I feel very strongly that I can be very close to her and then I feel that we feel and understand each other well. I hope to see her in a while and above all to speak. I would really like that. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, I recognize that, sometimes I find it scary. Recently I heard a story about an event in which twin played a role … At first I thought, well but when I thought about it a little longer I came to the realization that I can be that way myself. That was another learning moment. (Unknown)