S249. I then began to understand that I was looking at myself


It has now been a year since I met my twinflame, see 25 was 42. It was a pure feeling of love that I could not explain, I had never felt as intense a feeling as someone said. We found it very well together and were drawn to each other like magnets. We liked the mutual attention we gave each other and we wanted that too. The emotional bond between the two of us was very strong. We instinctively understood each other. Yet we were two unique different people with their own unique qualities, tastes of interests and lifestyles, and yet we immensely enjoyed each other’s company, trying to invent everything in the workplace just to be together, and putting each other in a happy mood and made each other laugh and we felt very open, loose and jovial around us.
We also shared a strong sense of sympathy and shared idealism (mutual acceptance). But at some point the rejection and attraction started, which gave us both a deep emotional rotten feeling inside. I then began to understand that I was looking at myself, and that this was a learning process, and we had to learn something from each other, because we were pulling out of each other’s deepest, hidden feelings, drives, needs, and ambitions. .
Uncovering our inner needs and desires is probably a reason for both of us to make some important changes in personality and communication, we share a deep, inner bond; this is not a light or superficial bond!
Rejecting and attracting is going very fast now, and I think letting go of each other is in sight, I hope, because you are going through hell with your feelings.