Q1137. What should I think about it?


My soul love is still in a relationship, we call each other every day and I don’t know what to think about it!

Release answer 1
! By continuing with daily contact, I think it is made too easy for him.

Answer 2
I have had this for years, but we always meet again in the astral world, which is also a relationship, so what does it matter.

Answer 3
My opinion: You must still gain insights into his current relationship. Your Soul Love wants you, but also doesn’t want to lose his current partner (yet). Out of fear, his current partner is his / her safety net. You fear that you will lose your Soul Love and not leave the partner. Trust yourself in this way what you should do. In most cases, the feeling will become so strong that your twinflame will take distance because it chooses the safety net. It is then waiting for him / her to listen more to the feeling.