S248. Everything was right. W. and I were 1


I was still married when I met W. on a games site with chat. We started chatting a bit and it was as if I was constantly presented with a mirror. After a few months there was a meeting … he lived in the far south and I in the far north. I had since left my husband. I went by train and was tight with tension. How did I get this in my head just from the web. The train had only just left and a rest came over me very nicely and so relaxed.
Reached the end point and I still got off the train a wonderful calm feeling, no tension at all. I walked that way what he had said and had no idea what kind of car he had. All of a sudden a car comes up and I knew it was W.. I walked over and he got out and we looked at each other and it was soooo familiar and the hug so intense. Like we had known each other for years. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, I got in and we drove to his house. Once there, it was as if I just heard whether I had been coming there for years, and that’s how W. felt that. Everything was so relaxed and we felt each other so well, did not even have to say anything to look at each other was enough.

Our relationship started as good friends, the first 3 days were a kind of vacation, wonderful, relaxed and lots of fun things done. Talked a lot and enjoyed it. The feeling we had for each other was so intense and familiar that it was sometimes frightening, we both didn’t understand how it could be done. We had a strong love affair in that period, everything was right. W. and I were 1.

If one was not feeling well, the other felt that and the other also got that feeling. If there was a negative, it would pull the other, unknowingly. The other way around we too got each other up. all in all fierce.

We were not after a love affair. We were just curious about each other and would go for friends. We thought that would be nice.
Suddenly W. put an end to our relationship via a text message. I emailed and texted him, but he doesn’t answer anymore and even blocked me. This has certainly not been satisfactory for me, but I had to resign myself … could not do anything else.
I have had a nice feeling, intense and a peaceful feeling despite the strange way of dumping. that’s how it felt

The most special thing was that when we were chatting, we asked the same things to each other at the same time or sent a text message to each other at the same time.

Our sex life felt so familiar and I felt completely complete, no shame, so much more intense than I have ever had

The soul love feeling is intense and difficult for me and when it is over it is painful but a kind of peace comes over you over time.

After almost a year from the moment of chat to relationship, W. suddenly put an end to it .. he gave as a reason that he is terribly confused with his feelings for me .. it was so beautiful he said but also so frightening. he couldn’t handle it. At first I thought it was a great pity that it was over, a lot of sadness and pain, but now there is peace, a feeling of peace with me.

I am not looking for such a love I think you just have to meet each other and not wait for it because you will miss a part of your life.
It is heavy enough.

Question 14_More_Telling: I don’t know if this was my soul love or soul, but it is a very different feeling than I have ever felt in someone.