Q0961. How does your soul love look back on other relationships?


I would like to ask this question to my twinflame, but that is not possible, so I ask everyone who has been able to ask this question to his / her twinflame: If your twinflame had very strong twinflame feelings for you, but afterwards entered into a relationship with someone else, how could your twinflame explain that to himself? How does he look back on that now? How could he suddenly pretend that the partner was the true one, even though he / she had already met the twinflame? How does that work with their feelings? What was your twinflame’s answer to this?

Answer 1
In my case, we met after he was already married. I don’t know if he would have chosen me if he didn’t already have another, because I can’t look into his head or even better in his heart. At the moment, however, he still chooses his partner because he stays with her while there are no children. You don’t hear me complaining but I just mention the facts. Funny I could not ask him this question either, because he simply does not answer and I wonder if that is the same reason why you cannot ask your twinflame either?

Answer 2
I would like to add this to my earlier answer (of course I do not yet know which number that will get): I asked my twinflame years ago (translated into a very simple question from the very complicated question) questioner): if he would choose me if “the light was green” (if he was free) and his answer was “no”. That is clear and I am doing it with it. Let me put it this way, his lack of clarity (am I his twinflame or not, does he choose me or not) makes it clear to me. I can live on without him, whether he is my twin or not. I have always done so, so I don’t see why I could not continue.

Answer 3
I immediately had a very deep unconditional loving feeling for my twinflame. I was also attracted to him. But at the same time I felt that we would not get a relationship because we had already had it in our previous life. I especially had enormous feelings of concern for him. Wanted to help him with his problems. At a certain point I got the idea that he would be my half-brother. And yet I felt attracted to him. I wanted to be around. He, however, constantly attracted me and then repelled me. That took 1.5 years. Then I released it. Shortly thereafter I met a man who made me feel great. I feel (de) so much love for this man, feel (de) completely in my element with him. The feeling for my Soul Love faded into the background, but was just stored in my cells. It is there and will not disappear. But also my love and love for this new man will not disappear, despite! that our relationship is now over. But it still feels different, more earthly. But also deeply, we have also experienced each other in previous lives. We still have to work out karma with each other. I would be happy for my twinflame if he is happy with another woman. With this man I must not think that he would go with another woman! I want him to be happy, but with me !! So yes, I think it is possible, but they are different kinds of love and loving feelings. I would like to have a friendship relationship with my twinflame, I cannot have a friendship relationship with this other man, my feelings are too strong for that,

Answer 4
In my case … I met my Soul Love 1.5 years ago and he was and is married … I have indeed started a relationship with someone else. I thought I was in love, but my feelings turned out to be fake quickly. Being in love is not the same as the feelings you have for your Soul Love, I have experienced that. Besides, my Soul Love never wanted to take steps towards a possible relationship between us, he made that clear to me from the beginning. It was a year of attracting and repelling. The relationship with the other person only lasted a week. The feelings for my Soul Love remain, you cannot banish them from you, he continues to be an indelible part of my soul, I still feel him day and night. Fortunately I was able to let him go, let go in the sense of continuing my own life, trying to be happy. Because of him I have changed immensely, I came back to myself and started to enjoy life immensely. Ok he completely banished me from his life, but I don’t blame him. I will continue to love him unconditionally, that is certain.

Answer 5
Interesting question, why can’t you put this to your twinflame? My answer: a few weeks before I would see my twinflame again after about 2 years – I met the man with whom I had been married for a long time. On the evening that I met that ex-husband, I had received a cassette tape (you still had it then) with very special music: an album about the birth of a child. In the car on the way to the appointment with a friend (through whom I met my ex-husband) I played that music, I was in that special atmosphere that entire evening. 2 weeks before the meeting with this man I also had a special dream about a man in a similar situation to that evening (it turned out later). Because of that dream I thought: I give this man a chance (he made it clear that he wanted me) and the result is that we fell in love. We fell in love and shortly thereafter I would see twinflame. I knew that something “was” between us, but I had no idea that he might have serious feelings about me, and I had never heard of twinflames. Do not think that I knew about this appointment when I met my ex-husband and fell in love, but I cannot say for sure (I cannot imagine that that crush was so strong, it seems like a cruel play of fate). I do know that just before that appointment with twinflame I doubted and asked who my true love was (the answer to this question was very soft, but clearly led to the place where twinflame (roughly) came from, this happens to be the same place as where the family of my previous ex came from exactly, with whom it was 3 years out at the time and who just 2 months before had entered into a relationship with my best friend, which I had a lot of trouble with at the time, PFFF – can you still follow it?). I thought I’m going to see how it goes with that appointment … Then the appointment with twinflame followed. The strange thing is: I wanted to see him (was also very nervous in advance), but when I spoke to him there were no feelings for him. I thought: you see there is nothing. I also do not understand how this is possible, in retrospect I think I suppressed my feelings for him and that the new crush (about 3 weeks) might close him off for me or something. There was something that strongly drew my ex-husband and I (it was not a sexual passion), but we always had a dire need to hug and hug each other. I can now look back on this in two ways: the family situation of ex-husband and me was comparable, maybe we worked through certain things in this way, think that there is also a part of karma involved and that perhaps we should have our special daughter. For my ex-husband, I am also a sort of destiny for it (although I doubted strongly when we got married), as I now experience it with twinflames … How do I look back on it? The dream I had about my ex-husband, was that misleading or was it destined that I would first have a relationship with him (and daughter)? But I have never been able to forget twinflames. By the way, I now had a strong dream about twinflame and a goal that we both have to deal with. I’m curious about the other stories, who knows, maybe I learn something from it,

Answer 6
Dear questioner, I would like to ask my twinflame exactly, but in a different way, ie in the TT: “How CAN he pretend that his partner IS the true one”? and “how CAN he explain that for himself” … My twinflame denies that I exist in all the keys, in the “real” world. On the other hand, he pulls at me like crazy and tries to make constant contact with me, that is to say in the material world. In the real world, he has regularly fooled me by denying that we have “something” . He does not seem to understand that it does not work that way, which means that I will not wait for him forever, especially if he does not change his behavior, turn around and apologize.

Answer 7
I had known for a while that my former partner was not the one when I recognized my twinflame. Although in the beginning I sometimes thought that my ex was a soulmate, because he felt me ​​psychologically and made that clear.

Answer 8
Just a little from answer 5: I knew about that appointment earlier (that suddenly came to me in an image yesterday), I did not lie, but repressed it. My twinflame can feel when people are lying. So with me too. Difficult is that sometimes I do not know myself. By repression and distortion and the well-known ego-illusions. Although I have a good heart, I have to say: ich hab es nicht gesusus. Fortunately there are more of those. And they probably did not know that your thoughts and such are recorded on a huge plasma screen.