S245. We didn’t have to say much anymore, so did our eyes


We have been working together for a number of years, but we don’t see each other on a daily basis. I soon had the idea, feeling, that I knew her. She also seemed very familiar, much later (a number of years) we spoke in a different setting. Then our energy quickly came together and we didn’t have to say much anymore, our eyes did.

I have experienced it as very intense, sometimes sad. It is as if you are coming home, allowed to come in for a moment and then have to leave again. That coming home made me / us very happy, but you also have to start saying goodbye immediately and that is really horrible for me. I also have a huge feeling of having to protect her, something every man has when it comes to his wife or children. But then I have a factor of 10 worse. I do not do anything with it because that is not necessary at all, but that energy / urge to do that is there

I feel like we’ve met in an earlier life. I think we loved each other a lot then and that we agreed to see each other again .. it must be, how else can you feel something so strong .. we must have had a love relationship, and if I have her look while we hold on tightly to each other then I can determine with certainty that we still have that now

My partner is not aware of this, I cannot and will not hurt her. Her partner is also unaware, but knows that she is looking for more .. I can not write more about this

For me, the biggest obstacle that I have already mentioned was knowing what it is like to come home. I also know what it feels like to have to leave … that hurts so much that I’m even crying while I’m typing this. For her I think it is difficult that her current partner is not her soul love. It is not complete

A love relationship wish that went without saying, yes we really wanted that !! It could not be otherwise, we were driven by our energy

We have a relationship based on our feelings, we know each other that we are in the neighborhood, That gives peace, sometimes we meet, and then we may have physical contact, sometimes just a kiss, sometimes more ..

It is fantastic to experience how it feels, it makes you stronger and wiser. It is really tough (emotional) but I didn’t want to miss this experience

We have experienced something that I cannot write down now because that is something that happened a few days ago .. The best thing that happened and I can write down is that the intensity of looking at each other can be so much more intimate are then physical contact, that was almost scary .. we remain, however, people, the physical contact afterwards was also very nice hahaha

When you are so connected to each other, physical contact is also different .. or was it different because it was new? I don’t know, it was just great!

The soul love feeling is energy in its purest form for me.

I like being able to share this with you .. I hope I have helped and that my soul love can read this story back.

My tip is: enjoy it but keep thinking. I can tell you that is not easy under those circumstances.