P0302. Then there is nothing


I could not .. look into your eyes
Afraid of the tidal wave that might come ..
I just called my dam, “healthy ego” reinforced ..
I could not resist not seeing you ..
Now I know that you are doing well and that is the most important ..
Well .. then letting go again is difficult and I am always upset again ..
You were equally good and clear in your actions, exactly as it should be ..
Always doubts me, am I mistaken, one-sided traffic?
Ah, what does it matter, you will never show your feelings..honesty is the best policy ..
Maybe you don’t want to hurt me, that is also positive ..
The fact that I love you more than you care about me does not mean that you are less my soul friend … because you remember; unconditional ..
Dear friend .. from the bottom of my heart ..
sent you all my love ..