Q0971. Painful discovery


Has anyone ever experienced that his or her twinflame has a side that you cannot agree with, (sexually speaking) that raises all resistance because for you it has nothing to do with loving and unconditional love, but with power?

Answer 1
Questioner, do you believe in a higher power?

Answer 2
Well, yes, I recognize that a bit. My twinflame has multiple traits that I can’t imagine at all because I am not put together that way. For example, he is opportunistic, always for what belongs. Always look at how he himself can take advantage of something. He is quite loose in the sexual field. I think he shared the bed with at least 150 women. Not bad in itself, but his attitude is one of “what difference does it make, I had a good time”, while many of those women expected more from it. I have trouble with it but it is his life and his lessons. I’m just glad I’m not like that. We are real opposites in everything. I’ve been with the same partner for half my life.

Answer 3
Why do you think it has to do with power? It is not only your own thoughts that you think that way. Don’t you find it a bit strange to judge your twinflame like that? After all, you still have the choice to go along with it or not. You also sometimes read the man is the giver and the woman is the receiver. Read the virtual texts on the internet. You can find it all there.

Answer 4
Have you clearly indicated your limits? You must come to a balance together. Is that with you or with others? If so, then another lesson needs to be learned. Uncertainty plays a major role in this. Uncertainty can lead to crazy things to discover their “self”. This has nothing to do with you (the other half), no matter how difficult that is. You can only state your own limits. Evil words are not meant, because it is only an excuse to repel. It is “only” an excuse for you, the other half, to enter into a relationship with you. My other half has been on sites for intimacy and is still looking for himself. Difficult for me because I feel everything he is up to. My twinflame has gained experience that I am not so happy with. The advantage that I get out of it is that he has worked out his imagination and during our future relationship he will no longer go looking. Every step is a learning process, no matter how difficult it may be.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 5
How did you come to that discovery?

Answer 6
Thank you for the answers: Do I believe in higher power? Believe in myself in the purest form, dark forms will have no control over it. And no, I do not judge my twinflame, in fact, the unconditional love is just there. Do not have any physical contact with him, do know that this side is present. Feels like power and my feeling is an “inner knowing” Just like the twinflame feeling. Just like the deep commitment ..

Answer 7
It will be something that still needs to be worked out between the two of you. Ask if he / she can do without and state your own wishes / limits in this.

Answer 8
She also influences me when she comes into my thoughts and images. As in certain situations, it can be pleasant but also unpleasant. When I am eating a job application or in a restaurant, for example. Late I did not feel good during sleep I got a panic attack. Then my twinflame came through and I experienced an enormous worrying calm. There are indeed 2 sides to how you can control someone.

Answer 9
To Fri 8 Remco: you say something about panic attack, I find that interesting because I encountered it earlier on this site and because after I met my twinflame I also had a period in which I suddenly suffered from panic attacks, while I she never had before. My question is whether the twinflame has to do with those attacks, and how? I managed to suppress them with medication and then with herbal drops. Now I have almost no problems anymore but I dare not drive a car anymore because that panic attack started while I was driving. Very annoying. Thank you.