S234. My twinflame came into my life when I was about to lose myself


I remember that first day so well. I still think about it often. It was one day when my school friend and I were looking out. My school friend had a few comments and comments about a car, but I don’t know why I defended that car. I was always the first to break things off. But then he came. He went to his car. And for a moment it was quiet in my mind and heart. I was so attracted to him. As if he had always been there, but I had never discovered him before. I still wonder how I didn’t see him before. I cannot describe how powerful that attraction was.

Now that I saw him, I started looking at him. I noticed that he was watching me when I was walking in the hall with the same school friend. He looked at me and his eyes were searching, cold at the same time. As many things changed. He started to stare at me and smile more often. Unfortunately I never dared to look into his eyes. Once I tried that I saw his anger. Sparks shot from his eyes. I shook my legs that day. I got angry later. Very angry. I do not know why. But at first I thought we were soulmates. I had never heard of the concept of twinflames, but I have come across a number of soulmates.

By the time I met him (without ever speaking) my girlfriend came into my life. She is my soulmate, but the strange thing was that she had the same character as him. She was also the one who tried to help me with all my uncertainties, because I often doubted. She was the one who had started talking to him and while you could say that she was in love with him, because it seemed that way, he was sure it was me. I find it strange to say that he knows my moods. When I am furious with him, he has such an innocent face.

Many things happened that I thought had a spy in my mind that gave him all the information. We have so many similarities and yet we are so different. We come from a different world but still he is the one I feel at home with.

The sad thing was that he already had a girlfriend. I left it at that, but I could not resist him. I’m not talking about his looks. I don’t even know him very well by his looks. My friends sometimes moan that he is handsome. No, I was attracted to him differently. He has something in him that can tie me up. Something that keeps me on the right track. Just right because I often doubt and wander. He has that inner strength that can calm me down, because I am naturally agile and sometimes get tired without noticing. He supplements my voids and he is what I am not. And this while we have never spoken.

I have had obstacles from the start. First, I heard he already had a relationship. Second, he appears to be a distant cousin of mine. I only heard negative things about him. In my heart this led to a fight because I ‘know’ him. My soulmate always stood up for him. There are many negative things around us. In addition, there are obstacles from within. I don’t think I’m done. I also do not know what I am not yet ready for, but spiritually I do not yet feel ready enough to confront him. I don’t know what kind of confrontation.

I have tried so often to forget him, but the pain that follows when I push him away is unbearable. During the holidays I tried to make contact with him. I received his email address in a vision. I then adored him to a fake email address to see what type he was. And he is exactly as I want. Difficult to lead the garden. Then I added it on my own MSN, but he removed me again after he saw it was me. And now I wonder why. Is it a game he played with me? Then why does he take so much trouble staring at me and why do so many things happen around us? I owe the answer, because I don’t have it.

Once when I was in class, he was staring at me. At that moment I longed for him so badly. I have never felt such a desire. It seemed like I had to go home. That’s weird, but I just wanted to be with him. Because we never spoke, I don’t know what kind of relationship he would like. I would prefer to be with him forever.

Our relationship or relationship has changed a lot. Since I distance myself from him.

My twinflame came into my life when I was about to lose myself. I no longer believed in love and happiness. I had lost all joy. The world was a lonely place for me. He changed that. Unconsciously. Only his arrival in my life made me complete. I have a smile wrinkle in my left cheek of him. So he taught me to laugh again. Love slowly blossomed in me again. I was able to love other people again without expecting their love back. Why did I need it? I felt so loved. My appreciation for my culture grew. Before that, I despised my culture. I became more confident and I learned to finish things. I became a perfectionist. Just like him. The most important thing is that I am no longer loose-hearted. He taught me that. Other boys don’t fascinate me anymore. Nowhere will I feel this perfect love. Everything else faded. I cannot compare this with other relationships that I had before. He completed me and taught me to discover myself.

The best thing that happened between us was actually that I had finally found someone with whom I could be myself. With whom I feel at home.

I now know that my love for him is not superficial as it was in my previous relationships. It comes from an unprecedented depth from me, from what I never knew I could have. He is exactly what I have ever wanted. I often wonder how a person can fill me like this.

I don’t know if we’ll be together in this life. He already has his girlfriend. I’m still single. I wonder if I should go further and if I go further what will happen? Shall I not escape a chance of perfect love? All I need to go further is the truth.

I know there will be no other than him. So I wouldn’t look for someone else like him. It’s useless right?

I still think he’s playing a game with me. I do not know why. Maybe because a friend of mine told me that he is such a type. And after what had happened during the vacation, I really started to believe it. Since then nothing is the same. I just hope everything will be fine

Is it possible that I was mistaken about something? Can someone make that clear to me, because I really need answers. Tips and opinions are very welcome.