S228. Love with more and more meaning


The Love the feelings they become more and more, it is impossible to describe what I experience and feel, my heart overflows. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by my feelings for my twin, it is so beautiful .. I have to pick up the thread again for my days to live normally but my twin is in my mind and I can only express this .. search for a single message a little contact, just can hardly be anymore..but I will have to .. trust it. .the tears have been overcome to a large extent..will sometimes cry but especially with happiness..how beautiful and wonderful it will be when we have conquered everything..all obstacles..all in the hands of..power from above help us … that we and all the lovely people around us get peace that we belong together … that we are together,not only for our own happiness but for a much larger whole..how difficult it was sometimes for everyone and still for some..this is who we are..what we have to do..do not know how i know but it is a sure knowing .. an intuition .. pray that we will be helped.The love I feel goes so deep that it is incomprehensible.Now I don’t even have it with me yet and still love it so much overwhelming way..the grand for words … he flows through me like a relentless stream of love..must sometimes cry..it makes me vulnerable..saying .. it has been such a struggle..but feel me carried by a power … sometimes you have those intersections in your life that ask this of you … hope and trust that we can handle it together .. and that in the long run we can use it in a good way. not only for ourselves..how? .. trust that that will also come naturally..this Love is healing and lifting everything up..a Light a deep Love … an immense Power..it is so much more … even these words do not say what I feel for my Love.

So recognizable your story, it could have been mine. Trust that you will be “carried”, surrender to the time and follow your heart then everything will be fine! Love (A
companion ) Comment Thank you, it strengthens me, sometimes I feel that I am on my own .. and the reactions of others are not always nice .. especially if they are going to fill in a comment for you .. am open and vulnerable, always been..to let everyone feel and grow..but sometimes it is used incorrectly..jammer for something so beautiful..will also be part of it..sigh .. hold me to the Love..however it comes. (Unknown)

I understand you and recognize it, just stand for it and want to share it with others because it is sooo beautiful. Everyone should know this. Unfortunately, it is often incomprehensible for those who do not experience it themselves. I am now also aware that it is primarily our ego that wants to share it. From the big picture that is not necessary, there is a higher plan and each of us has chosen his own path before returning to earth. Strength! Love (A companion)