S033. He teaches me to accept myself as I am


We met on the internet, I didn’t know that he was my love for the soul, the attraction was so intense that I was afraid of it. I was so scared of the feelings he gave me, even after talking for 5 minutes, the only thing I wanted was away from him, found the whole thing frightening. … It is still very confronting but I now know that I can no longer do without him, it is a strange experience that you know someone so well, and he me, we know exactly from each other how we are going to react, I feel exactly what he is feels, we don’t have to explain anything to each other , he is me and I am him.
A major obstacle is that I am married, moreover he is much younger, he lives in America, we want to be together so badly but it is simply not possible, that is the hardest part, but we both know that whatever happens we always will be together, even if it is not physical.

My partner does not know that I have met my soul love nor am I going to tell him that
The relationship I now have with my soul love … we email and msn a lot, I would not call it satisfactory but would prefer something rather than nothing .
What this love has brought me is that I cannot present myself to him differently, he knows me better than I know myself. Although he is much younger than me, he teaches me to accept myself as I am. … What I found most remarkable was that after we had decided not to speak to each other anymore and that he hadn’t done it for a while, he mailed me because he knew I was having problems.
… We haven’t met yet, but I think eroticism would be very different with him,Normally I always keep a piece of myself for myself, I have no need with him at all.
The soul love feeling is … intense, intense, confronting, very different from normallove, it is knowing that we belong together not so much physically but spiritually, since I know him I know what it is to be complete. He said it after 5 minutes when I wanted to leave, “don’t run from me, this is inevitable, you feel it too don’t you?”