S227. There is a deep natural love between us


I am a man of 40. Since a month I have been in contact with a woman of the same age. We met on a dating site, and so far only have remote contact. We live more than 2000 kilometers apart. From the moment I looked at her eyes on a photograph, I knew it. This is it. No doubt about it.

Surprisingly enough for me this is completely mutual, and that triggers a strong movement, both in her and in me. We both know about each other, and without consciously noticing it, there is suddenly already a very close relationship, albeit at a distance, but, strangely enough, that does not affect its depth at all. The respect for each other’s autonomy is overwhelming. Human emotions such as jealousy, thoughts, etc. are simply not there at all.

We treat each other as if we have been partners for a long time, we fully understand each other, and there is no trace of doubt about her or me about each other. We know each other through and through in one way or another, and we just know fully what we have to each other, without a word. Something that surprised us both, but which we both also enjoy enormously.

We dream of each other, we hear each other in a strange way, and feel each other flawlessly. There is a very deep natural love between us, a very deep unconditional love. A feeling that we both do not know, is just new, even though we have both had previous relationships. We are both free now. In addition, and we talk a lot about this, we both have a fantastic feeling of a very deep peace in ourselves. A peace that does not know about neighborhoods.

The stage of falling in love with each other seems completely skipped, sexual feelings towards each other are indeed there, but are clearly subordinate to the much deeper and natural loving, actually part of a complete symbiosis between us. We both assess the situation exactly the same: It is good, and we follow the developments that are presented to us, we both know very well where this is going. Changes are also taking place in both of our environments, very strange. As if there is a force at work that is ahead of us and clears the way. But it is just fantastic, we are standing there, very close together, looking at it, and just enjoying ourselves. And that power leads to a clear point: coming together, and that will happen soon.
actually, who has been at a level from the beginning that we both do not know, but will clearly go so much deeper.

The confidence that that is a wonderful experience, I know that .. if you just look at each other a little longer, hold each other, twins do it too little … probably because it is so beautiful that we are so careful with it I feel. If it is so beautiful from a distance … lots of love and happiness with your journey in Love