S063. Het heeft me doen beseffen dat er meer is tussen hemel en aarde


After my final exam I made a trip. I then met a man special to me. I was in a lecture and my eyes crossed his. The reading was extremely boring. I immediately had a very good feeling about him, as if I had known him for years . After the lecture, he asked if I was interested in having a drink with him.
I was not in a relationship at the time and it was a coincidence that I was at that lecture. It was very strange. That morning I was in a different place and I felt the desire to attend that lecture, while I am normally not interested in it.
I saw him, it seemed like he seemed familiar. I trusted him completely from the first moment and I felt very completeI felt no uncertainty at the time. A sense of calm came over me. I was so intrigued by him. He was much older than me and at first I didn’t want to give in to my feelings for him. The first two months purely friendly, then also on a physical level.
Our age difference was an obstacle. We were both in different phases of our lives. In addition, he lived at the other end of the world and it was impossible for me at that time to join me. We broke up with a fight.
He remained in contact for 5 years thereafter. Now we no longer have contact.

We wanted it to be a love affair. Despite the distance, we kept longing for each other. I missed him very much spiritually. If you have experienced something like this, no other love can match this.

It made me realize that there is more between heaven and earth and that you should not settle for less, otherwise you will only be too short.
The most special thing was that we were immediately in line with most of the topics. That our personalities complement each other immediately.
Eroticism has never been so strong. This fascinated me mentally and physically. After that I had partners, but something was always missing, which went with me and him, I had to work on the following relationships.

The soul love feeling is very pure. You do not look at what it yields to you, but let yourself be sucked into the moment of happiness.
Since the relationship has ended, a part of me is missing.

I am actually looking for a soul love again but I doubt that this can happen twice in a lifetime, in terms of love relationship then. I’d like to. Then I can die quietly.
I regret not having given him a child. I would see that as a lasting reminder of our love.

My tip is; If something like this happens to you, don’t let yourself be influenced by others. Go for the moment, let everyone go and be selfish. It’s no use crying over spilled milk. Such an experience is often intense. People around you often do not understand