S225. Being able to experience the essence of creation


I saw her in a dream early in the morning. This was the second meeting. In this dream I recognized her by her clothes, she was wearing a black dress, and she was very sad, because she was condoned and I immediately felt that it was the death of her parents. I felt that her parents had died in succession, which was later confirmed by her sister. Whether my twinflame has discovered that at the time, I don’t know for sure, but I suspect she didn’t notice it then.

My wife called her sister, whom I found after three emails and after that phone call her sister called my twinflame. I felt and I am talking about a distance of 90 km that my twinflame was sad and happy at the same time. After the phone call I immediately got a severe stomachache that persisted for two weeks. After those two weeks the feelings became very intense as did the dreams and the subsequent events.
I had a lot of sore throat. At that time I also had many clear and very beautiful dreams about us. I was in bed and suddenly I saw a dream of my twinflame in a black dress. My severe sore throat was gone in a matter of seconds. And the pain stayed away. A few days later I had a severe stomach ache, I said her name and immediately the pain was gone and stayed away.

We had a spiritual relationship, including remote healing, telepathy, introsomatic parergy, and I felt a lot of love and I felt very happy and very sad. In short, real life.

My partner had a hard time with it and we fought hard together to get the relationship right again, which was successful and the most important thing I think is that we have come closer together. I could not hide my feelings and that hurt my wife and that saddened me. And that I suddenly left, I was just rid of the world. I was just in heaven. An unbeatable feeling of happiness. I loved my twinflame very much and still.

We have a distance relationship and I am partly at peace with it, but what I want to see and talk to her. I recently mailed to her work, you know you have an urge to look at a certain site.

It has been very useful to me and still is. What struck me most was that I am intensively involved in my personal development, more love feeling for my wife, more sensitive to what lies behind things, say the essence of creation can sometimes experience and what is beautiful and moving. I effortlessly avoid dangers. It seems that I have a radar in my head. I feel fitter and healthier and I am nicer to people. But my love for my twinflame keeps growing and a few days ago I saw in a dream, again in the morning, that our eyes crossed and I saw a kind of mirror between the eyes and it was fast and penetrating. I felt high all morning.

The most special thing was that I kissed her, she smelled wonderful, indescribable and beautiful, bright, brilliant colors around her head. I kissed her mouth. I have never experienced anything so beautiful and wonderful. There is absolutely no erotic attraction.

It is very difficult to find words for the feeling of love for the soul. Moving and heavenly is still softly expressed. I have never felt so happy and maybe I will see her very soon, maybe a conversation or remotely smelling her is heavenly enough.

My tip is: Stay with yourself and cherish all the loves in your life.