Q1063. Spiritually connected or not?


I am a 21 year old girl who met the boy / man of her life a year and a half ago. I am not very good at writing down my feelings in a structured way, but because I have already received a lot of support from this website, just by getting your messages, stories and love through, I persuaded myself to agree to tell my story .. When I met him at a party, everything went pretty fast on pink clouds. The chemistry was felt almost immediately when we saw each other and has actually kept us busy all evening. We have not had so many words with each other, but with our invisible attraction we have amused each other all evening. The contact afterwards went pretty quickly. I was then (and now still) in a very difficult period (broken relationship, abuse by ex, feeling of emptiness). Anyway .. we happened to bump into each other a few days later, number was exchanged and afterwards we actually got into a relationship very quickly. The love between us was enormous. The adrenaline that screamed through my body every day just by touching it, for example, was indescribable. & I am sure this was mutual. There were days when he just got tears in his eyes from happiness and so did I. the spiritual signs that I understood that everything fell into place were clear … finally I had found the boy I had dreamed of all this time. Our circle of friends looked up to us, and we were a dream couple for everyone .. AND THEN the fights started .. as the relationship progressed I became more insecure and insecure. I still can’t explain where that feeling has come from all this time. but I felt insecure, vulnerable, wanted to be in control of everything .. At the beginning we had never had these problems because I also think I got unconditional attention from him, but then he started working and that undivided attention fell a bit away . The only thing I did in the long run was shout at him, beg that he was with me a little more. because I felt so empty without him? Eventually I did nothing but push and pull, argue pushing him away again? It was a whole soup for me emotionally. Now after my umpteenth drive, he has put an end to it. He is very emotionless about this. a while ago he said to me: “I will always be a little in love with you and will love you somewhere because I know we have had such a beautiful relationship but the feelings are so greatly reduced that I just don’t want a relationship with you anymore” My circle of friends, the people With which I talk I have enormous support. but i feel like i’m choking. that I can’t breathe. I still feel the connection with him even though he acts as if he does not care, he constantly goes to parties, is almost not home, runs like a butterfly through life as if I have never existed. but I can’t accept that because the connectedness IS there. He simply no longer falls in love.

Answer 1
Ask him and you have an answer.

Answer 2
You have been able to taste how beautiful it is to have a relationship with each other and how deep the feelings are. Then you ran into obstacles. It is very clever of you that you recognize these things in yourself! Certainly because you are only 21 years old! Be proud of yourself. And then now, further develop and work on yourself. Whether he returns to you or not, you will become happier and stronger anyway. And I know for sure that someone with as much self-insight and vulnerability as you will get a good relationship with anyone. And in the first place with yourself. You are already very far!

Answer 3
The divestment has begun is my opinion. You trigger up unresolved emotions / fears that he felt were neatly tucked away. Currently he does not want to look at his past and he keeps his distance. With you, fears also come to the surface. You are afraid of losing it, but it is not happening. twinflame always comes your way again. Because of your fear you start pulling on him, which means that he takes more distance. Everyone has had this piece. Keep trusting that he loves you. His feelings are solid, but he just put it away for fear. Take a moment away. He will miss you automatically so that he will contact you again. You naturally get more and more insight into how you can get back together.

Answer 4
Difficult girl …. Can only tell you that you should try to work on yourself and then there will come a day when he will be standing in front of you again. Goodluck.

Answer 5
To Alicia You always write so warm and positive, fine, that is how you support me with your positive attitude.

Answer 6
Yes, I also agree that ANSW 5, you and also remco support me very well, get a lot out of your answers, they are so positive, I can then continue with full courage, thank you very much