S223. My heart magnet


After a long relationship with my ex boyfriend of 6 years and a relationship of 6 years with my ex girlfriend (through) I had lost myself and then came P., the person I really fell in love with and was too good to be true for me! I couldn’t believe he could make me feel that way and give me so much peace.
However, if he wasn’t there then I was so scared of losing him that I went crazy because I COULD NOT SEE SOMEONE LOVED ME.

I have experienced it as ONE FIREWORKS, sexual intense moments, passion, desire, powerlessness, fear, but especially the realization that he was slipping out of my fingers and that I was not yet ready to realize that I was totally gone. without him he could and that when he was gone he would take away all my peace, love, fun and everything!
I could not place anything I thought it was my everything.

It was a relationship with real intense passion, enormous peace, warmth, friendship and above all love and security. Eroticism was soooo nice that I can hardly have sex with others anymore.

The soul love feeling feels like my heart magnet and universal !! something incredibly special. It has changed me into another person and driven myself to the limit and made it better.

I experienced the termination of our relationship as an ‘amputation’ and a very big loss, I have a lot of trouble with it because I was not strong enough.
I am looking for soul love again and then this time I can handle it and I will keep it.

He has to release me from my suffering by understanding that I love him and love him and that I have learned a lot from him! That I would love him so much in my life in the way that I now understand how he means it! That is the best way.

My tip is: stay with yourself, think from love and your feeling, your heart !!
Do not become destructive for fear and grief, but take it as a lesson and continue to see your own share and become aware of yourself !!! it is something very intense !!
but if you get through it then you become so beautiful and everything is a domino effect.