S221. Back-to-the-source feeling


We met on vacation. He understood it sooner than me. I wasn’t busy with relationships but when I got home I noticed that I missed him. We started e-mailing and then the enormous value of our friendship became apparent. After a few months we accepted that we no longer wanted to go without each other.
I was full of surprise, overwhelming, initially disbelief: You come home to someone, in my case almost on the other side of the world. Different background, age, etc. I feel free with him and locked up without him. I miss him and want to be with him. We want to spend our future together.
We have a love affair. Our main obstacle is money. As a result, we cannot see each other as often as we want, so I cannot live with him yet. I also find it difficult to leave my children behind.
Poor communication options: the internet does not work regularly, little or no money to call. Sometimes we mail 4x a day, and sometimes we don’t have contact options for a week.
Initially I was not open to a relationship at all. After 20 years of single parenting, I didn’t want to commit myself to anything or anyone. Moreover, we live in different parts of the world. Now we both know that we only want to continue together.
We currently have a long-distance relationship. This has very nice sides, such as the feeling of being together right through the distance. But you just miss each other too. You don’t get to know each other (yet) in all circumstances.
He has made me complete again, he has opened part of my feeling that was closed. He makes me believe in true love and in myself again.
The most special thing for me was that we are so happy when we see each other or even just speak. That one person sometimes says what the other person thinks, and the enormous mutual respect.
The beauty of eroticism is the surrender, unconditional love makes you free and passionate. Making love with your heart & soul is so much nicer.
The soul love feeling is for me; warm, secure, free, familiar, very dear and beautiful. ‘ Back to the source feeling’, ‘coming home’ .
If our relationship goes by then I don’t want another relationship. I know that material or practical things would fail. We have talked about the fact that after our death we will be free from this kind of worldly obstacles.

My tip: Follow your heart. Whatever the price.