S220. Worded by Kahil Gibran


My experience with this most beautiful deepest Love has been beautifully expressed by Kahlil Gibran and I think that many here on this site could share the same feeling;


If love gives you, follow her, Although her ways are difficult and steep.
If she spreads her wings around you, yield to her.
If she whispers to you, give her faith.
Although her voice shatters your dreams, just as the north wind rages through a garden and turns her into a wasteland!
For although love crowns you, it also crucifies you
Although it serves for your growth, it will also prune you
Although it rises to caress your highest, most tender branches, which tremble trembling in the sun,
it also descends to your roots! shake them loose where they cling to the earth She
gathers you like a sheaf of corn
She thirsts you until you’re naked
She grinds you until you’re white
She molds you until you are flexible. All
this is done by the Love so that you get to know the secrets of your heart and thus become a part of the heart of life.

But if in your fear you only seek peace and the sweetness of love, it is better that you cover your nakedness, leave her threshing floor and enter a world without seasons, where you will laugh, but not your full smile! and weeping, but not all your tears.
Love only gives itself and draws only from its own source.
She does not know about possession and does not want to be taken possession of, because she has enough of herself.

Do not think that you can determine the course of love, because Love determines your course.

Love knows no other desire than to fulfill itself.
But if you love and have desires, let this be your desires;
Melting and becoming like a fast-flowing brook singing its melody for the night;
Knowing the pain of too much tenderness;
Fathoming love, being wounded
and bleeding voluntarily and joyfully;
Waking up in the morning with a winged heart, grateful for another day of love
Resting at noon and pondering the rapture of love;
Returning home in the evening full of gratitude;
And then sleep with a prayer for the loved one in your heart and a song on your lips.

Kahlil Gibran.

my feeling here is that this poet was an unattainable twinflame and my feeling here is that Love therefore determines your life course and not what you want, but what Love wants from you ..