P0739. Today I’m sad


The sun is high in the sky, people are in a good mood
Bright colors everywhere
Behind me the door closes
Tears pierce behind my eyes
The sun does not shine for me today
Has my feeling lied to me?
My soul misses you in every layer
So many years together with another and longing for you
Not good, according to some, but they do not know that I love them very much
People judge and condemn and saber all too gladly
That is why I tell this to nobody in real life
Because if I do that it will happen again
Then people will make me think of everything that I am not
That I have never been and never will be
I am me, a woman with a soul that is connected to another soul, and this one feels, everywhere
You are always in my life even though there has been no contact for several days
I feel you often and now hear that beep in my ear
Sometimes I see someone who makes me think of you and I miss you most
shall we go …. go ask my daughter
But I feel that I should not do it, do not disturb you now
If you want to see me let you hear from you

Love you