Q1092. Have patience or let go?


My twinflame has been unkind to me for a long time. He didn’t take my feelings into account. The advice I get now is quite contradictory: ‘you have to learn to let go’ versus ‘you have to learn to be patient and trust in the good outcome’. I now lean towards the latter again, but I absolutely do not know if I will ever see him again, let alone whether the suffering can then be alleviated. Without extra info I don’t know what to choose. If I knew for sure that twinflame would come back again… I do not have that certainty, so that is why I cannot wait patiently for the good outcome, I am always impatient. How can I trust the good outcome and remain patient?

Answer 1
Patience is certainly good I have already had a very long break that I did not see her in my astral dreams. His break is certainly good to let it simmer on a low heat. So that person starts to see what is really important to him or her. With soul love it is so that it never goes like this if you both want. You are guided from above by guides and angels. They have a soul plan that goes magnetic and there are all the best intentions to teach you something at that level. If you had an earthly contact you could clearly indicate each other’s wishes on parcel.

Answer 2
How did he damage you? If you both put the wishes in parpier in the earthly life then a lot of clarity will come. Some things control your twinflame, but a lot is also determined from above.

Answer 3
Imagine that a twinflame has a certain mental illness. So that he cannot see what is right or wrong. The whole character is included in his soul plan. If an astral partner does not know that there can be a lot of uncertainty. I also have my doubts about my twin spirit and if that is discussed in the parpier earthly life there will be more clarity.

Answer 4
What information do you need?

Answer 5
What is a good outcome for you?

I am the person asking the question, my answer to 4 and 5: I do not have the information that twinflames and I certainly know that I am coming together, so I do not know whether I would trust something real or not. And I don’t know if the pain he has caused me can be eased. I only know if I could talk things out with him. I don’t get that chance so far, so I can’t cut a knot, because it would be based on incomplete information. So I can’t close it and I’m in a kind of emotional prison. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I think you should let go of control of the whole and live your own life. Learn to become independent instead of being dependent. Moreover, you have no control over the entire concept of twinflame. It runs as it runs.

Answer 7
If that twinflame has hurt you so much, why would you still hope for a happy ending? Even if it is your twinflame, it is someone who has treated you as a filler and can better see the consequences: that he has lost you with that. You do not let yourself be missed? You deserve someone who treats you well. Let the twinflame learn his lesson and find someone who is worthy of you. We don’t all have to become walking wrecks just because we have a twinflame.

Answer 8 You
learn to trust by doing what you FEEL what you have to do when you do it. Patience comes after you learned to trust. Live the way you want and do it that way. I have been working with confidence and patience for 10 years, it is not there yet but in the meantime you get to know yourself very well and so is twinflame. Not easy but if it goes easy I don’t want it. I learned that too. In fact you learn to trust yourself.

Answer 9
10 points for answer 8