S210. It has brought me a lot of strength


We met by the way the other greeted me. The other person also discovered that, but we don’t get along for each other. I do not say it. He doesn’t say it. Simply because our learned language has no words for this.

I experienced it with a lot of emotions, like a real exhaustion.
He experienced the same. He cherishes it the same way as I do.
We had a pure, spiritual love affair. Very satisfying.

It has brought me a lot of strength . I’m never lonely. More love has come to me, which I can share.

The most special was the greeting was the beginning and the end.
The soul love feeling is a very beneficial feeling for me

Do not look far for love, it is present in yourself.

My tip; Experience the power that it gives every moment. Use it. It allows you to do so much.