Q0408. Do I have to tell my current partner that I have found my soulmate?


Do I have to tell my current partner that I have found my soulmate? I have found my soulmate but am married to a lovely woman and have 2 beautiful daughters. Only what I am experiencing and feeling now is overwhelming, I have never felt this with or with anyone, not even with my own wife. The feeling in so intense, intense, beautiful and deep that I am completely upset. My soulmate is a single mother and feels exactly the same. I know deeply that it will be inevitable that I and my soulmate come together, when I don’t know that but it certainly happened. What still stops me is the sadness that I am going to visit my current partner, children and my family and friends. I am really looking forward to the moment of telling. But the urge in my body is so great it sometimes hurts. I have to go to my soulmate, I constantly have that feeling. I’m a little distraught. Help me.

Helping is a bit too big a task to guarantee, but maybe with this tip I succeed a bit: I don’t know if it is difficult at the moment to understand you with your partner and daughters, but be like that honest as possible to each other if at all possible. Tell it as quickly as possible, in a calm way. With so much energy in your heart there will definitely be a leak in the watertight wall and the suspicion that you are doing something behind their backs will be mutual trust undermine. And then it beats wounds that heal very slowly and leave deep scars. You may nevertheless succeed in gaining their trust by NOT sitting on it and assuming that everything will happen naturally. I wish you a lot of confidence and courage in this difficult situation. (Unknown)