Q1366. Feel ‘Amputated’?


Sometimes I have a strange feeling in my stomach that is unbearable.
I immediately feel amputated from my other half. One time it is gone and then it comes back to a time.
Do you have that too?

Answer 1
I also have that feeling regularly. I have been in a period of rejection for a long time now, he acts as if I no longer exist. Then every time you ask for advice “you have to let it go”, I can no longer hear the word “let go” sometimes I am doing reasonably well and I feel strong, but no matter what I do during the day, regularly he appears in my mind as if standing in front of me. There my good mood goes again and there is room for an empty and painful feeling in my chest. A feeling that you are missing part of yourself. And just when I think I am upset, I get a dream about him and there the painful and empty feeling again. Sometimes it draws all the energy from my body, so I radiate that to my environment.