Q0121. Will I always continue to feel this pain, that double pain?


I repelled my soul love from me because he asked me time and I did not understand why, then we had an argument with each other and I offended him and I made it pretty difficult. But my question is; that pain that emptiness that I feel with me, but I also feel it from him, how is this possible? Will it ever pass if we no longer come together and why do I feel that double pain and why feel in his presence even though he is not with me. Why does this hurt so terribly in my heart and soul. I have never experienced this before, I feel torn apart. If someone has an answer to my question; please tell me.

Why don’t you give him time? If this is your soul love then you wait, even if you have to wait until you are 80. Talk to each other. Soul love is unconditional love from and for each other. (Unknown)

Soul love is the deepest pain you can imagine. So pain that you sometimes wonder, do I still want to live? How can you ever go on without being together? And no, don’t let go, if you can’t let go after 20 years, what is letting go? (Unknown)

Thank you for your answers, soul love is the worst love that there is in my opinion, if you come across it, and you feel your unity, yes complete and you have to give it up again and let go, I think that is never possible again because how can you let yourself go that I wonder, but I love him with heart and soul and do my best to let him go even though I am afraid that I will never succeed again, but nothing in this life happens for nothing it must have had a certain purpose for me and for him, who knows he may miss his other self as much as I do that we come together again, yes and then a soul is no longer two but both halves are again one, I wait and hope, it’s weird but I light a candle every day, that little light brings me a little peace with this,that little light that is he and that’s how I see him because you feel him all day long even though he is not here, I feel what he feels, I think what he thinks, I am where he is, but that little light makes that earthly space slightly smaller. (Unknown)

Soul love hurts so much that you want to run for the last train. And so it does PAIN !!! And not just for a while, but for your entire life. (Unknown)