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The very first time I saw you
Was a very special day for me
I will never forget that look in your eyes
You were beautiful even though I didn’t even know your name
After that meeting came a second time
What turned out you were married oh what did that very much
Yet I felt that something was born between us
The strength, that feeling would belong to me forever
With every meeting those feelings came up again
That I could happen this happened I could hardly believe
What I am missing is just something you know now
It is very difficult to live with those mixed feelings
I know you wanted to give me your full love
The distance between our hearts is very small
But he will always remain too big,
I can’t be with you.
Our feelings were mutual
That confirmation made me so happy as a child
Long silent minutes then passed
Without talking about our feelings
The tension we felt then
That’s only what they meant by real love
Despite those feelings we kept our distance

How shocked we were at that time
I therefore quickly left again
All the little touches we had
Are no matter how small they were all caught in my heart No matter
how small the most contact was
A wink or caress I am always with it in my sas
One can only dream of this kind of love
And I am lucky that I came across that
My dear you know how much I love you
I would like to scream from the highest building
Maybe we will meet in our next life rather against
So that we can continue to live undisturbed in our love.
Because our bodies yearn for each other
Play through my mind more often and violently
You now have a wonderful woman,
And yet I long for that love of yours more and more
We will have to comfort ourselves with the pain
That in this life we ​​are so close (and yet far away) to may be each other
You also know that I will never hurt you and your family
If I get the chance, I will
always seal my love for you with a kiss
More than that it will probably never come
And we will for further fantasies have to flee in our dreams
Because it feels wonderful to hold you in my arms
And we leave the rest of my wishes out of here.
My heart will always be in a two fight
But nevertheless you learn to live with such pain
Yet you always have to be careful
And sometimes you will continue to be amazed at my brutality
We will find a balance in our lives
To give this love and wealth a place in our hearts
Dearest I will always be on waiting for you
And also in difficult times there are for you in mind
Once our lips will stick together
And we will be able to continue to live in eternity
I dream of being allowed to inherit your love
because only after 1 night with you can I die happily .