Q0904. Can I ever love someone else again?


You have met your twinflame, the true one, real love and you have no relationship yourself. How the hell can you fall in love with someone else? isn’t that all fake if you think of her 24 hours 7 days a week? then someone else always comes second? I let her go and do my own thing enough, but falling in love with someone else has become a lot harder. I think that’s a shame, does anyone know what to do with this?

Answer 1
Yes, it is very difficult what you describe. I know it from the other side, I am that woman with a relationship and with a twinflame. The man who is my twinflame is single (has many loose friends) and I know that he sees me as the only true one. He never said, but I just know. So I am married, my husband is a soulmate of mine (which is different from a twinflame!) And we love each other a lot. I’m happy with him too. But there is also my twinflame for whom I feel unconditional love, with whom the bond is unbreakable. There are many inexplicable things between him and me that are characteristic of twinflames. The love for a twinflame can exist alongside an earthly relationship. Only she is unconditional and not for an earthly partner. At least, that’s how it is with me. My twinflame and I fit together perfectly although we are 100% different, real opposites. But basically our vision of life and feeling are the same. What I know for sure is that we have no relationship in the NOW, but that this will change in the future. When I do not know, that is impossible to say. But I know that it’s going to happen from my heart. To answer your question: no, you can never again love someone else as much and be as in love with your twinflame. That is really reserved for the twinflame. When I married my husband I didn’t know that twinflame was my twinflame. That came later. In the meantime I had already completely set up my life, with children, a house together, etc. But I have to admit very honestly, no matter how happy I am, that I often think of twinflames and miss them. Especially when my partner does not understand me. But I also know that we both have to grow a bit and that a relationship would not work now. I have other things to do first (and probably he too) and then the road is clear. Feel free to ask more questions if you want to know more! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I have that too. I think I can no longer fall in love with someone else because I always feel or see my twinflame. Then it becomes only pleasing to your own needs to go into the sea with an earthly partner instead of getting a feeling from her, because I did not experience that. That is not surprising, because your twinflame is ultimately the only true one. But if you do not want your twinflame due to circumstances or whatever … I think you should always play a certain role in an earthly relationship. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Why do you think it is a pity not to fall in love with someone else? That is no longer necessary then? Being in love is indeed a form of madness, and it is finally no longer necessary for you to fall in love with someone else. Would you rather prepare for a different life? (Wieweet)

Answer 4
That is the hard thing about twinflame love, those deep feelings make you dependent, it becomes a bit all or nothing, very nice or very difficult. It became very difficult for me, because twinflame has kicked me on my soul and does not want any contact either. I am now trying to completely remove twinflame from my system, but that is complicated, because twinflame (unconsciously) will protest when I do that. I now continue to continue to let go completely, because I am like: don’t you want contact? Great, but don’t bother me with your feelings. I do not want the burdens anymore, but not the lusts. One time my attempt to close myself off as a twinflame was completely successful. That felt so good, a liberation. It seemed as if I went back to the time before I met twinflames: you don’t know who will appear on your path, but everything is open and you can fantasize about the person who might become your partner. What kind of person will that be? Who does it look like? I felt free again! Unfortunately twinflame keeps trying to get back into my system all the time. But I really don’t want that anymore. Hoping for a happy ending, while it does not happen, can also start to feel like a heavy burden, not in the last place because twinflames are not doing well all the time. I do know that many people on this site try to let go of their twinflame in love and that my words sound a bit harsh, but it comes down to the same thing. In my case, it is only that twinflame has treated me very badly, so that’s why I want to cut all the lines with him, because I experience it as abuse if someone does use me to add feelings, while in real life the person treats me very indecently. Hence. But hopefully it will be better in your case and twinflame will become a good friend of yours or more! I just want to indicate that the remedy sometimes gets worse than the disease and that letting go can be a relief in such a case. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Is in the same boat as you … No it is not fake, because it happened to me twice shortly after each other, I fell in love and in both cases it took a week … The crush was immediately over … and I felt that pure again true love of my twinflame flows through me. I can’t give you any advice because I don’t know what to do with it myself. The only advice I can give you is to focus on yourself as much as possible, to feel good about yourself and to continue with your life. That helps me a bit to let him go. (Unknown)

Answer 6
That is a good question. But your twin love will never go away the way I read it here on the site. So it will stay with you throughout your life. For me it is even true that your relationship is always confronted with it and that you are no longer 100% capable of it; because the person is always in your mind and with you; wherever you are. This is such an intense feeling, cannot be ignored. Very difficult how it should all be done. It is so special. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I think it is painful but simple: if you have to make an effort to fall in love, that relationship is not worthy of your love. If there is anything that makes that clear, it’s the meeting with your twinflame. I sit just like you, but I never need another one. It simply cannot match in terms of dedication and intensity. Moreover, I have known all my life what I wanted and now there is clarity. If you want her anyway, be open to it. And don’t make a plan B – it always tends to fill itself without you really wanting to. (Arundash)

Answer 8
Really agree with answer 7, if you want her, be open to it. I mean completely open then. Build a good close friendship if possible. See each other regularly and talk to each other. Carefully try to put your feelings into words where you have to listen carefully to your heart; that indicates whether or not you can say something. It is true what someone said in an earlier answer; If you have to wonder if you are in love, then it is not you. With your twinflame you never have to doubt that, that is so deep that you are. And you see it in each other’s eyes … do you have that too? Finally my question for the person asking the question: do you and your twinflame ever see each other? How do you relate to each other (friends / neighbors / family / vague acquaintances / of the sport or school etc?) (Unknown)

Answer 9
I am the questioner (who knows) how should I prepare for my next life … I am only 31. and I still want to do so many things (answer 8) I live and work abroad, I have her also met abroad, with lots of coincidences and with extraordinary, incredible things, so I almost never see her. I will not go to the Netherlands that soon. Because I can no longer adjust so well in the Netherlands. I would go to the Netherlands if she also knew for sure that I am her twinflame and she does not know that yet (too bad, I did tell her) but I also feel that I have to do a lot of things. I am someone with ambition, I also have the feeling that I will meet her a few more times and that everything will be fine. I hope for a happy ending! (Unknown)

Answer 10
“How should I prepare for my next life …” Questioner I did not write that, I wrote “another life”, in which you leave earthly love far behind. I also did this when I was 34 and then I consciously became a single mother and I met my twinflame when I was 48. No more crushes on my path. And what others do or say, I don’t care. (Who knows)

Answer 11
After meeting your twinflame, your life will no longer be the same. Keep working on your independence. The more you stand in your own power, the more you get a different view of the entire twinflame connection. Focus on yourself, what you want and how you want it in life. Do not be dependent on your twinflame. Do not think ahead of things that are not there. And who knows, you might fall in love again. It is important that you feel good with or without your twinflame. The more you are concerned with your twinflame, the more dependent it makes you. Now that I am no longer dependent on my twinflame and think of him to a much lesser extent, I have become a happier person. When I see him, the bond between us is very strong, but I no longer need a relationship with him if necessary. And yes, I can fall in love with someone else again. (Marian)