S207. Grow through your soul love


I got to know my soul love via the internet. The first time we met, there was an immediate sense of recognition, even though we had never met before.
From both sides it just felt as if we already knew each other.
I knew before I met him ‘in real’ that it had to be that way and that there was a higher purpose that we had to meet. A typical example of this is that our VIP membership ended on the same day, we had put each other in the favorites and I received an e-mail from him just when I emailed him. I do not believe in coincidences we also often said to each other all this happened for a reason.
Our relationship felt like a very deep, intense love, of attracting and repelling, sometimes it mattered, sometimes I, but we always come back together our thoughts are also always very strongly connected. So I can tell him exactly when he is not feeling well and when he is, even when we are not even together.
In the last 2 years that we have known each other, we have had to overcome many obstacles. The feeling of wanting to be together which for some reason did not seem to work. The sadness when we broke up again a feeling of missing a part of yourself or your heart and soul have been pulled out of your body.
We really wanted to continue together because it is just right we complement and feel each other perfectly. We know that we are destined for each other and that we will be one again in the next life.
I learn from him to be more open to others in a deeper, more intense way than I already did. I also learn from him that everything serves a higher purpose. So if we are apart again (while t is not out) I will be stronger in my shoes. Every time I come out stronger
The most special thing was when he was abroad for his work, we precisely felt each other, he did not like it there at all and neither did I here. Later when he came back after 2 weeks (which would actually be 8 days but they couldn’t go back because of the storm there), we could tell each other exactly how we had felt. We both described a deep sense of nostalgia for each other.
Eroticism is certainly different, this goes much deeper, we always want each other and are really one with each other.
Soul love is an indescribable feeling of love that you can feel for someone, a feeling that you cannot put into words that cannot be explained to the outside world. People often do not understand why I always choose him again, whoever comes my way, we always come back together.
If my soul love and I ever broke up, I would not go looking for such a relationship again, I think you will only meet your soul love once in your life.
I know that I will not only belong to him in this life but also in every other life that follows.
My tip is: Grow through your soul love , accept what comes your way but above all stay YOURSELF