Q1052. How do I lift my soul love?


I am having a very difficult time because I miss him so much … but I also feel that he is having a hard time. Can I do even more to lift it up instead of sending love? Would writing a letter help (which I will not send) ?? Love

Answer 1
I too miss my soul love, but I also know that I cannot and cannot share everything with him. Then I push it further away. I write a lot of fictional letters to him. If it didn’t help him, then you would, because you lost it and you can still put your feelings into words. I am also convinced that the message is coming across. It is energy that you transfer, and for me it really helps to make it tangible.

Answer 2
By doing things that make you happy, it will come naturally. just go live and don’t wait. I talk to him all day long, let him go he will come back on his own.

Answer 3
It is quite possible that what you write to him, whether you send it or not, happens on an unconscious level. The question is whether you are doing the right thing. If your twinflame is happy with you, and he says he appreciates your involvement, then I can imagine you do it. But there is objection to just helping people who have not asked for it. Even if it’s your twinflame, and even if it’s love. People sometimes think that is too easy. There are also boundaries in the spiritual that we should not cross if we are aware of it. In addition, there is enough that your twinflame will notice about you, without you consciously sending it to him. You CAN’T do anything about that. And you don’t have to be who you are. The best thing you can do is take care of yourself,

Answer 4
I miss her too and I would love to be with her too, then I really come home to a long journey. But yes my situation is also very difficult, she already has a relationship with someone else. Wouldn’t it be good if you contacted each other via email? Then you can discuss the feelings and the problems with each other. You can send the person all kinds of questions because he has all the answers for you and otherwise.

Answer 5
Writing a letter and not sending it always helps, for example, to become calmer in mind. Energetically your Soul Love will also absorb these feelings. Also perhaps a tip: save this letter and look back at your letter after a few months. You will notice that you have grown (in terms of strength) ;-).
(Alicia S.)