S204. It has forced me to get to know myself well


Earlier I told you how we met. It started with that card, to my former teacher. We are now a year and a half further and we see each other regularly. That we are soulmates is certain. I think we have now been able to give it the right interpretation. That we have learned to deal well with each other.

Still there is the intense warmth and love for each other, feeling each other, an intense energy. When we are together we can hardly let go of each other, but if we do not see each other for weeks it is also good. An occasional text message is more than enough. We are together anyway. The thought of knowing that we are seeing each other again is soothing and nice to look forward to. It is wonderful to have a friend who is always there, even when he is not there.

Our relationship is absolute friendship. we have a lot to tell each other and we show each other a lot, read, hear, etc. He is much older than me, knows much more than I do, but I can still surprise him with things I know. We love to do cultural things, preferably visit churches and cathedrals, and after that we like to talk, eat, drink and cuddle endlessly … Saying goodbye is always too early because it is always so nice. It makes us both good to be together. The good thing about saying goodbye is that we can look forward to the next meeting.


Our partners understand the situation, certainly because we clearly choose to share friendship and not project our deep feelings onto a conventional relationship between men and women, that is clearly not what our friendship is meant for. My partner has already met him and in September we are all going to U2 

It was especially difficult to get along well with each other. So many feelings came over us, he wanted to run away, I was left desperate and wanted to investigate with him what it was now. Little by little we went looking together. In the beginning I wanted to be with him a lot, but he said that we shouldn’t go to each other too much. He confirmed the fact that I had to learn to shut myself off for too much energy and ground more. Not by saying it directly to me, but by the whole situation, I found out.
I even considered breaking the contact at some point because I feared that he would prevent me from grounding properly.

It would be an easy solution. It is precisely with him that I am learning to ground well and I have not broken the contact. I saw him again two weeks ago and it was nicer than ever before because we are increasingly learning to deal with each other in a more ‘grounded’ way.

He is one of my best friends. He is now 55 years old. When I am 55, he is 78, I hope we are still friends, that I can take care of him a little …

It has forced me to get to know myself well, my talents and the things I still have to work on. It has taught me to feel unconditional love for him, for others and for myself. It has taught me to feel good because I can say that I am doing well, and not because someone else tells me.

The friendship with my old teacher is still fairly fresh, only a year and a half. Yet it feels like we have experienced a lot. Sometimes I felt it very close to me, then I wanted to hold that forever. Other moments he seemed further away than ever, those were the ones that encouraged me to get to know myself. That was sometimes very difficult, but in the end the unconditional love I got to know through him is visible and palpable in my entire life. That is the nicest and most beautiful thing that can happen to a person.

I have never experienced eroticism with my former teacher. It is wonderful to cuddle him. I could lie in his arms for whole days, weeks, months. On the other hand, I know and feel that it would be lost time. I no longer need his hugs, although they are still very nice.

When I am with him it seems as if everything is sliding away from me. The world comes to a standstill, I am calm inside, I am overloaded with a very nice sweet white feeling, which then lasts for a few days after a meeting, I then come to the conclusion that the battery is fully charged again.

It is nice to love someone in this way. My relationship with my partner has become much stronger since I found my soulmate. It is important to deal with soul love wisely. In our earthly existence we think too much about typical male-female relationships, while many friendships are not meant for that. We have often learned to think differently because of our environment. Soul love can destroy your life if you don’t handle it well. That is a shame, because it can be so incredibly fine and beautiful … It never passes, the other is with you, always.