Q0283. How does love become stronger?


How do we get closer, want to be with him, miss him when I’m not with him. I am not free but want to be and do everything for him.

You must first be free. To become independent. Letting go of the past.to achieve your goals that you dream of. You cannot give love to two men at the same time. And that would also not be fair for your partner. (Unknown)

I asked how I can make love stronger, love him very much, want to be with him, especially relationship means nothing, he is years younger than me, also have disagreements, wants to do everything for him, feel with him at home, when I am not with him I feel as if I have lost part of me, I feel lonely. (Unknown)

To begin with, you must be honest with yourself; What am I doing, even though your marriage means nothing? Your twin is your reflection. What you miss is what is in yourself. (Unknown)