S202. I understand that this meeting was meant to make me love myself again


I met him on a dating site. When I saw his photo I got a shock in my body, and the feeling that I ‘could’ like it.

At the real meeting I immediately thought: where do I know him from? I had a strong feeling that I had known him before, but that was not possible. He came from another part of the country.

At the first meeting there was a lot of subcutaneous tension, it seemed that we were challenging each other.

After our first meeting, he got stuck in my head and we texted. At one point I felt that he had fallen in love with me. That was a warm feeling in my stomach, as if it was being sent to me.

In particular, there was a lot of tension between us, we both did not know what to expect from each other because those feelings were so unknown and intense. I could not look into his eyes because I was completely blocked physically. My body literally shook.
If you talk to each other then it is a flow, it followed each other fluently. As if you were saying exactly the things that he wanted to hear, and he was saying the things that you want to hear and then that goes on for hours.
But if there were that moment when we looked each other in the eye, it seemed like I was in heaven.

I really wanted a love affair with him. But he said the spark was never skipped.

I no longer have contact with him. But he’s in my head every day. Sometimes I have the feeling that he is also thinking of me, but I have never received any real confirmation.

I am spiritually awakened by this soul love. I have become very clear to the touch, and my intuition is flawless. I see how people are put together. I have become more creative. But at the same time, losing your soul love is the most painful thing I’ve experienced in my life.

I went through the process of releasing a twinflame in steps. The first phase lasted about half a year and was accompanied by heart pain every day, as if your heart was being killed every day. After half a year it is missing, and since this year I am a phase further where I finally understand why I had to meet him. To learn to love myself.

The most special thing for me is that Love.

With eroticism, we didn’t even dare to touch each other, we were so afraid of each other. That tension was so intense. We became teenagers aged 13.

The soul love feeling is for me; unconditional, direct love. The feeling of wanting to protect this person forever, wanting to be there for this person. Make this person happy.

The feeling of lack is starting to become more bearable, and only now do I understand why I had to meet him.
It was meant to make me see myself as he did with me. Although it was never spoken by him, I know, and that is just a sense of knowing, I know that I am the ideal woman for him.
I have to turn this around in such a way that I put myself in the same light as he did / does with me.

The relationship ended because we didn’t understand the tension between us at the time. We both thought we were being manipulated by the other. That is why distrust has arisen, and then we broke up.

I don’t think I will come across such love.
I accept that too. I cherish the love that I have for him, and I know that I must transform that love for him to myself.
God’s purpose for this encounter was that we would both love ourselves again.
And by then … we’ll see.

When we have met our soul love, and we lose it again, then our ego wants to get back the other half.
But how many is the fact that they are truly reunited with their twinflames?

I also give consultations to people, and often they have met a soulmate, and want to hear at all costs that it will be alright. It gives them the feeling of being able to continue.

The pain they experience is not because they miss their other half, but because they miss themselves.

I can say this because I have personally experienced this. For a year I just wanted to hear that it would be all right, that he would return to my path. I could and did not want anything anymore, and found myself no longer attractive to any man.

I have recently entered a new phase, and I am sure that I can only be happy again if I understand that this meeting was meant to make me love VAN MELF again.
The love I felt for him, I had to direct myself.

A twinflame love tears apart, but also gives you the chance to heal, and then come out stronger.

It is still difficult now, and I think of him every moment, but knowing that I am good enough as I am, precisely because I also know that the love of my life saw me in thought and still sees me, makes this meeting worthwhile.

For those who wait and keep waiting; I also hope that they can transform their love for their twinflame into self-love, because I think that is the purpose of the encounter.

My tip is: Love yourself the way you love your twinflame, trust your feelings, love your feelings, and cherish and appreciate this experience that makes you understand what REAL LOVE IS.