Q0728. My twinflame used to be more accessible and spiritual


I have known my twinflame for many years now, and in the past he was much more accessible, we had conversations easier and more often than now. And he was much more open to the spiritual then than now. While you would think that someone develops more over time, it seems to him that he has just gone the other way. He now dresses much more “duller” and more formal, does not want to know anything anymore about everything that cannot be explained, and our contact is superficial. I find it disappointing, I miss the old twin. What could be the cause of this change?

Answer 1
His EGO is that. His ego is currently in charge. You have to shake it up in a subtle way. You know best how to do that. Be enemy and full of life, dress very tough and do not do everything he says. When he sees that he is going to want to be so cheerful and he will slowly change again. This kind of ego is always temporary with my twinflame, it usually turns on automatically. But who knows. Be happy, live your life and let him do his thing. As soon as you stop pulling him, he will do that. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Thank you answer 1, I asked this question. I take your advice to heart and will be myself and live up to what I want him to be. I mean that I will lead by example. At the moment I notice that I am much less concerned with him, he literally feels at a distance and I have lost those deeply in love feelings, which is quite a relief for the moment. It comes back again I know from experience. But now I can breathe and let go. I’m also a bit tired of just being busy with him 24/7. It literally made me sick. I now have a bad cold because I sleep very badly for nights. Hopefully I can refuel now. Summer is already a time that I go on vacation for weeks, and he has all kinds of things, so we won’t see each other for a long time. And I think it’s pretty good this way.