S197. I mainly learn about the love for myself


Know my soul love for over 9 years now. Before I met him I knew there was such a love. We are both bound, have children. At a certain point, he didn’t start doing so well to me. Blunt, aloof, sometimes ignored me for weeks. I really had a bad period then. Notice that I have learned a lot about myself / others since a few months. Especially about the love for yourself.I called spiritual help lines for a long time to know how he was doing. Now know that waiting / hoping makes no sense. Love must flow. Don’t know what he thinks / feels / He doesn’t want to talk. Feel that he misses me. Feel that he thinks of me especially in the morning. Feel that he is having sex with me, very strange. It is all too intense for him in terms of feelings, as he himself once indicated. Does not want to affect his family. I have now ‘broken contact’, no more text messages. I miss him. Feel that it is not over yet in the sense that he, maybe me :-)), will contact again! and. Know that at a certain point I have been dependent on him, maybe that is why he unknowingly did it bluntly, because it certainly made me think. Attracting / disposing plays a major role with us. But I am starting to get to know myself better and more, to love myself more , so that I no longer have the tendency to completely cut it off again. I think it is a pity that he does not make any effort anymore, that is a loss. Love is in yourself . When I think of him and myself together, I feel happy.

If we learn to understand ourselves better etc, that twinflame no longer needs that.