S084. I am grateful to him for the positive influence he has on me


My story is unique just like everyone else because every soul is also unique in its growth and experiences. But I would like to tell my story and also read from others because it is a nice gift to feel in your soul what that other person is causing you. It is my truth and told from my experience …

It started a lot of years ago I was just a little bit busy with the spiritual and became a mum of twins. My then partner and I went to the movies. A friend of ours recommended a certain movie … And we all went very pleasantly there. I was sitting in the hall and the film started … The protagonist came into the picture and I actually felt a sort of UEH right away what kind of figure is that, so a kind of resistance. As the film progressed, this changed, but I had something like “head on you are an adult woman doing normal”. I forgot “him”, continued with my daily activities.

Until two days later. I woke up and fell asleep again. I received my first conscious retirement. I was in a house that was strange to me and I floated on a staircase to an illuminated room. “He” sat up in his bed and I came closer. I spoke his name softly and I saw him respond … “This is your twinflame”, a male voice spoke. I woke up and thought what is this twinflame again? I went to gather information and I immediately thought “yeah, right, a famous actor who is my twinflame” … Even greater resistance of course. But the resolutions followed each other or the dreams about him in which he told me things that cannot be found on the internet about his personal life.

It has really been a process for me to learn to accept and give it a place. It took years. My girlfriend knew about it and called me at some point. “He is then and then in London to play in a play shall we go? “We agreed that we would go two evenings. She ordered the tickets for the two evenings at different times, but we had the same seats twice in the same row, quite by the way.

It would take a few months so I had plenty of time to sort everything out and what I wanted with it. I just wanted him to know about my existence … I wanted that. I wrote a letter from four sides in my best English and told him about my experiences and about a certain vision I had a couple of times (I am spiritually evolving hence …) I bought the book on twinflames in English and wrote one poem in. Did a photo with a CD and told me where I was. I also wrote that I did not want anything from him in the material but that I just wanted to let him know about my existence and our relationship. I was given the opportunity to hand over the package to the stage manager of the theater. I was bloody nervous and he promised to give it to him. In the evening I was bouncing with energy and thought that I would have to vomit on the spot, I was so nervous. I also had the fear of oh dear, he will laugh at me squarely in my face of course.

The show started and he walked almost directly to the start of the stage. he scanned the lines and finally rested his eyes on where I was nervous. but I kept looking at him too. and I felt it was good … he didn’t laugh at me, he seemed curious and looked inquisitively. During both shows he regularly looked at me and if he did not look and I asked something in my mind, he immediately looked my way. I never forget that I had to go to the toilet, sat down for a while and then returned. I wanted to sneak into the theater because you are not noisy with a play in full swing. I crept inwards and raised my gaze and he stood three meters away and looked at me. This took a while and finally I turned away. When he walked backwards on the podium, I left, back to the hotel. I thought it was all too much of a good thing. I never stood by the back entrance with fans of him because that felt wrong.

A few months ago I could not “feel” him properly. I’m glad I didn’t have it in front of me then because I felt “he’s not ready for it yet”.
We are now a few years later and last year I was able to send a drawing of his “inner child” through an old acting teacher of his and with the same poem as in England, but I did not refer in any way to what he then thought of me or that I was the same person as in England. I asked him to look after his energy because that world is not often constructive or constructive for your feelings and energy.

The dreams continue and the messages continue. I also know that he is not “happy”, although that seems to be true for the outside world. I try to support him energetically but also to let go. I am happily married to a special person who is also very spiritual and I think it’s okay with my band who is just there. The bond with “him” is just there I know we are going to see each other again whether that is now or in a next life. The nice thing is that we physically have a number of things apart. I am happy that he knows about my existence, my name and that I am from Holland. He knows what he means to me anyway. I do not mention his name out of respect and love for his BEING. He is me and I am him … forever …

To my partner I have been clear from the start and have told about it openly. I could clearly distinguish between an “ordinary” relationship and a deep spiritual connection . He thought; it will be late but nice. The man with whom I am now married knows in his soul that the bond is there and that this is true.

It took me a while but I could give everything a place to accept it and make it complete. My soul love and I have a spiritual connection that is very strong sometimes we have more contact than normal but he is always there he is part of my being and that also gives a certain peace. It is difficult for me that he is famous, but oddly enough I am helped when certain things are needed, such as tickets in England and that I was able to send something through a friend of his.

Of course I would like to see him physically and look into his eyes and talk to him, but only when he is ready and understand otherwise it makes no sense and does more harm than good … I wait and let him develop if it may be I just trust that. The contact with him made me stronger because he was also there when my previous partner was doing so badly. I am grateful to him for the positive influence he has on me. The most special thing for me was the moment in England, when I felt that he felt in his soul that my truth is also his.