S196. We can’t be together, it’s too intense


I knew when I saw it was him, we look alike. I was young, 21 but it was intense, it was too fine, I never felt anything like that with anyone, even 9 years later now, when I see him I get the same feeling as the first time I saw him, I don’t have to also not to talk to m, we feel and think the same, the last time i saw m. We cannot leave each other for hours, we are really nailed to the ground, we feel each other’s energy, we look at each other, so much warmth we radiate towards each other, when I think of him I really come with passion. When I talk to him about it with one of my girlfriends, I come across him, even though he passes by, can live on it for months, he is in my soul but we cannot be together, it is too intense, talking in everything, sex that is just like our souls get entangled in each other or I see the sun, fire and flames. I have a child from someone else, I had to, otherwise I could never forget him, but that relationship did not last long but needed my little doll to forget him but I can’t forget him, I even smell him. When I was 23 it really didn’t go well between us I was moving to another city I only weighed 45 kilos but after half a year I came back and even when we saw each other, he with a girlfriend and I with a boyfriend, went we go home together, he now also has a daughter my daughter is 3 now and his daughter 2 years and three months. He is also not with that woman since we have our children, we have never been together but I feel that he misses me because I miss him too,

You know we were too young, love hate, we loved each other but we hate each other too, maybe that’s because we are the same and two captains on a ship is impossible but I know that if we had met each other I could do it but we were too young and such a relationship is too heavy

The relationship has passed, I can’t hide it, I had just had a child and his wife was pregnant. When I heard that, very selfish, something broke in me, I went crazy, hysterical and yes he saw it in me too. What do you do with someone who loves someone else, what do I do with someone I don’t like, yes, a child.

Obstacles in our relationship were; be the same, with the same temperament, both want to win, always

Of course I wanted a love affair with him but it wasn’t possible, it was too intense that feeling was so intense that you both can’t think normally can’t do cash explosions

We no longer have contact with calling but every now and then we meet each other eh

Soul love has brought me that I really suffered and that I can never love another person like him again, that feeling is no longer real

The most special thing for me was that you run at a house party with 10,000 people and that I suddenly pull my bag, my arm and that I start walking and run into him and that he is with a woman and I with I am just a man that we look at each other and just walk away together, magical

Eroticism really set me on fire, I see the sun and the moon plus the sky, we have never predicted, yes kissing but then everything off and want to be in one another, wonderfully our souls intertwined in each other

The feeling of love for my soul is heavy for me but I am also happy, I find myself privileged to be able to experience something like that, but the desire when you’re not with someone is cunt and lonely
We were too young and it was too intense, but I find it terrible
It hurts, sometimes it feels like death in yourself.

My tip: Try to be very calm and let it come over you.