S195. Sometimes it’s hard to wait until your twin understands what this all means


Sometimes you find out that your twinflame is only human. He wants you so badly away that he intrigues behind your back. that hurts when you feel it and you can do nix. at the same time you know that he prefers to have you with him; he only feels it when you walk away. sometimes it’s hard to wait for your twin to see what this all means;he is lagging behind emotionally. I am so afraid that he will die before we have told each other what we know, feel and dream of each other. how incredible that actually is. how many questions i have. our bond remains after death but we have not met on earth for nothing; not just to melt together or to dissolve karma, I don’t believe that. I want to make something of it and hope that my twin finally sees that … and that I have the strength to make it go well. I am independent and very independent and rebellious … I want to meet my twin … but it must come from him; he must see it, otherwise it makes no sense to me